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Explore our Battery Storage & Microgrid Factroy - BSLBATT ESS

BSLBATT ESS, a leading provider of renewable energy storage system solutions, is committed to providing you with safe, reliable, and valuable microgrid systems and battery energy storage systems.In th…

  • Energy storage supplier - BSLBATT ESS's battery energy storage factory

    BSLBATT ESS is a professional and trusted provider of industrial energy storage solutions. The core module of our battery system uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells. The modules can provide high capacity power storage for large facilities such as data centres and microgrids while maintaining safety. BSLBATT has its own battery factory and has undertaken many system projects. From village g…

  • Special Weekend at BSLBATT: Full of energy!

    To celebrate the end of a busy week, an outdoor camping barbecue was held on March 27 for all of our hard-working employees.In fact, everyone was really relieved when the news came that the port was no longer at a standstill. It meant that we were finally able to deliver our customers' orders within the deadline and get the villages at our destinations to have stable electricity as soon as pos…


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Understanding MW-class containerized battery energy storage system in one article

MW-class containerized battery energy storage system (CBESS) is an important support for future power grid development, which can effectively improve power systems' stability, reliability, and power quality.In recent years, the global MW-class battery energy storage technology has developed rapidly, and the containerized battery energy storage system has the advantages of high capacity, high r…

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Renewable energy ushered in a 10-year "golden period"

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) previously released the "2021 Renewable Energy Installed Capacity Statistics" report, which shows that last year, the world installed more than 260 GW of new renewable energy capacity, an increase of nearly 50% year-on-year, a record high.The industry generally believes that despite the global economic slowdown caused by the new crown pne…

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BSLBATT's 48V energy storage batteries are now compatible with Victron Energy's inverters.

In order to better match the green energy systems used by our customers worldwide, BSLATT Lithium has entered into a friendly partnership with Victron Energy. Our 48V energy storage batteries are now compatible with victron's famous Phoenix inverter. To make our battery products available to customers worldwide without any burden, BSLATT Lithium is always looking for the right partner to optim…

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BSLBATT: Energy Storage Systems Global Website Goes Live

We want to share the good news: just today, our Energy Storage Systems Global website went life! A new website, but also a new way to communicate our solutions ...... With our free supply, we give you the choice: a complete containerized energy storage solution for every single one of your activities. BSLBATT ESS is a market-leading provider of smart energy solutions. Designing, manufacturing, and…

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