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What is a Renewable Energy Community?

New Energy ModelThe energy community is part of the energy transition, moving towards a more just consumer energy model, democratization, distributed, renewable energy-based power generation and respe…

  • Explore our Battery Storage & Microgrid Factroy - BSLBATT ESS

    BSLBATT ESS, a leading provider of renewable energy storage system solutions, is committed to providing you with safe, reliable, and valuable microgrid systems and battery energy storage systems.In the face of rising electricity costs and the incentives available through energy market programs, businesses and communities alike need to strategically manage risk on the grid.Energy storage in the for…

  • Energy Storage Company - BSLBATT ESS Battery Energy Storage System Manufacturer

    Roof and open-air systems are becoming larger and larger. As a full power supply project, they are usually investment properties. However, the energy transition requires more than just stupid feeding when the sun is shining. Lithium batteries with storage functions also play an important role. lithium ion battery storage is an important bridge to the energy transition.BSLBATT ESS Battery is a prof…

  • Special Weekend at BSLBATT: Full of Energy!

    To celebrate the end of a busy week, an outdoor camping barbecue was held on March 27.2020 for all of our hard-working employees.In fact, everyone was really relieved when the news came that the port was no longer at a standstill. It meant that we were finally able to deliver our customers' orders within the deadline and get the villages at our destinations to have stable electricity as soon a…


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Where and How Should I Put the Lithium ion UPS Battery?

How many ways are there to place Lithium ion batteries in the space they occupy?As technology advances and circuit structures are constantly being updated and improved, UPS systems are available in a wide variety of circuit configurations, and various types of UPS UPS have emerged one after another. The following BSLBATT ESS Battery introduces several major placement methods for Lithium ion UPS ba…

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Use of High-voltage Batteries in Electric Cars and Solar Systems

What is A High-voltage Battery?High voltage batteries provide high energy density and also a high discharge plateau. They likewise supply a lot more ability under the exact same usage problems, so they last much longer while delivering even more power. Normally, BSLBATT ESS high voltage batteries will last 15-25% longer. ● The complying with sums up the benefits of using our high-voltage batteri…

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How does the lithium-ion backup power supply solve the pain points of emergency power vehicles?

BSLBATT ESS lithium ion backup power supply is how to solve the pain points of the emergency power truck?lithium ion backup power supply can be used for emergency power supply in airports, communications, telecommunications, coal mines, oil fields, emergency repair UPS power truck caused by unexpected events can guarantee that the load does not flash off In the case of emergency repair UPS power s…

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Lithium-ion Batteries For UPS Systems

Many of the latest generations of UPS batteries have efficiencies of up to 97%. In contrast, however, the energy storage of UPS systems has remained virtually unchanged over the last 30 years. For the most part, the same lead-acid or VRLA batteries are still used as emergency power storage for uninterruptible power supplies. These function perfectly, too. So far, the batteries used have done their…

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Lithium UPS Batteries System Provide Smart & Convenient High-reliability Power Solutions

The BSLBATT lithium UPS batteries system provides a smart, convenient and highly reliable backup power solution. The development of digitization, intelligence and informatization is unstoppable. In the past two years, lithium UPS batteries have begun to enter more and more scenarios, and super-large "power banks" have become a source of energy from all walks of life. The supporting lithi…

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Product Information of Lithium ion Battery Bank

Composition of Battery String B-138The total capacity of the B-138 battery energy storage system is 138kWh, which is a combination of BMS and LiFePo4 cells. The lithium battery bank includes a total of 15 51.2V 180Ah (9.2kWh) standard battery modules. The body size is 2m*0.8m*0.7 m! This lithium ion battery bank is a smart and user-friendly energy storage system developed by BSLBATT. The SMU in th…

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How To Elevate The Microgrid To A New Level Through Lithium-Ion Energy Storage?

The use of microgrids is becoming a growing global trend due to two main factors: power supply to remote industrial communities and facilities; the need to disconnect and independently operate buildings or facilities that are usually connected to the common power grid.Traditionally, operators have turned to diesel generator sets, but are now using renewable energy, especially solar photovoltaic (P…

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Feasibility Of Photovoltaic Systems With Batteries Storage System

The Battery Energy Storage System Is Highly Flexible And Can Be Applied To Various Photovoltaic Systems The concept of energy storage is very broad, and energy can be stored in different ways. Diesel tanks, coal stockpiles, and hydroelectric power plant reservoirs are some examples of how energy is stored.Among the possibilities of energy storage, one that is particularly eye-catching today is …

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BSLBATT & MOURA Cooperate to Establish Energy Storage Systems in Brazil

Recently, BSLBATT brought relevant information to the photovoltaic market, clarifying the construction of the first microgrid battery energy storage system with Brazil's MOURA.Brazil Energy Storage InvestmentSolar energy industry companies' investments in batteries and storage technologies are an important indicator of the market's prospects.Proof of this is the expansion of manufactur…

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In-depth battery energy storage system - why the capacity of lithium-ion battery changes at low temperature

Lithium-ion batteries have been widely used since they entered the market with the advantages of long life, high specific capacity and no memory effect. In the field of energy storage, which is a big hit in the clean energy industry, it has been a natural to use lithium batteries. However, as the application field continues to expand, the constraints brought about by the poor low temperature perfo…

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LG Chem's Settlement with SK: For the U.S. Battery Storage Market

The lithium battery industry recently made big news when Korean lithium battery supplier SK Innovation and LG Chem recently reached a settlement in which the former will pay 2 trillion won (about $1.8 billion) in damages to the latter, including a one-time payment and operating royalties. The parties agreed to withdraw all legal disputes in the U.S. and South Korea and agreed to 10-year non-disput…

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What is a microgrid system?

What is a Microgrid system?A Microgrid is a self-contained energy system that serves a discrete geographical footprint, allowing you to generate your own power on site and use it when you need it most. Examples include university campuses, hospital complexes, business centres or communities. Microgrids have one or more distributed energy sources that generate energy (solar panels, wind turbines, c…

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