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What is a Renewable Energy Community?

New Energy ModelThe energy community is part of the energy transition, moving towards a more just consumer energy model, democratization, distributed, renewable energy-based power generation and respe…

  • Explore our Battery Storage & Microgrid Factroy - BSLBATT ESS

    BSLBATT ESS, a leading provider of renewable energy storage system solutions, is committed to providing you with safe, reliable, and valuable microgrid systems and battery energy storage systems.In the face of rising electricity costs and the incentives available through energy market programs, businesses and communities alike need to strategically manage risk on the grid.Energy storage in the for…

  • Energy Storage Company - BSLBATT ESS Battery Energy Storage System Manufacturer

    Roof and open-air systems are becoming larger and larger. As a full power supply project, they are usually investment properties. However, the energy transition requires more than just stupid feeding when the sun is shining. Lithium batteries with storage functions also play an important role. lithium ion battery storage is an important bridge to the energy transition.BSLBATT ESS Battery is a prof…

  • Special Weekend at BSLBATT: Full of Energy!

    To celebrate the end of a busy week, an outdoor camping barbecue was held on March 27.2020 for all of our hard-working employees.In fact, everyone was really relieved when the news came that the port was no longer at a standstill. It meant that we were finally able to deliver our customers' orders within the deadline and get the villages at our destinations to have stable electricity as soon a…


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Microgrid Builds Diverse Application Scenarios For Distributed Energy

Whether in offshore islands, remote uninhabited areas, or densely populated urban buildings, communities and factories, people are increasingly seeing distributed energy applications. For example, distributed photovoltaic, wind power and diesel generator micro-grid, to ensure all the energy needs of fishermen on remote islands; another example, natural gas cooling, heating and power (CCHP), distri…

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Why use Lithium UPS Battery Replacement Lead-acid Batteries?

There are currently two types of batteries on the market, lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries. The UPS system application generally uses lead-acid batteries, but in addition to the advantages and disadvantages of the battery itself, the only advantage of choosing lead-acid batteries may be the price. Lithium ups batteries are quickly occupying the sales market due to their safety, light weig…

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Renewable Energy: An Overview

Focus on different sources of renewable energy For a long time, natural gas and electricity producers have only focused on using fossil fuels (natural gas, coal, oil) to provide energy. With a sharp decline in the past few years, long-term pollution and exhaustion, these energies have become a disaster for the earth. Today, renewable energy offers multiple advantages more than ever before. But wha…

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Characteristics of Data Center Lithium UPS

With the changes and improvements of uninterruptible power supply (UPS system) technology, the application of lithium batteries in data center backup power is gradually approaching maturity. Lithium ion UPS can provide extended backup time during power events and help reduce energy consumption costs and protect data centers.Due to technological advancements in the past few decades, we are living i…

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Uninterruptible Power Supply Notes

The main feature of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is that it provides instantaneous or near-instantaneous power interruption protection. Maintaining power is a vital role for uninterruptible power supplies.Generally, UPS systems are used in data centers, computer systems, and some medical applications that are critical to power continuity. But for the safe use of uninterruptible power supp…

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Multiple Uses of Commercial Storage Battery System

In the past few years, commercial battery storage technology has developed rapidly—making solar cell storage a practical choice for many organizations. Commercial backup battery storage solutions are not specifically designed for homeowners. Therefore, companies of all sizes can benefit by installing backup batteries for their solar systems.The role of commercial storage battery systems goes far …

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BSLBATT conquers the global energy storage market with innovative battery storage solutions “Made in China”

Battery storage systems are a central pillar of the energy transitionWith the advance of the energy transition in connection with the global megatrends of renewable energies and electromobility, the global need for energy storage is growing. Lithium-ion battery storage solutions are a central pillar of the energy transition and guarantee security of supply from renewable energy sources.But battery…

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Battery Storage - Key to a healthy future for the planet

Every year on April 22, billions of people around the world join the world's largest civic environmental holiday, the annual World Earth Day. This year's theme for World Earth Day 2021 is "Restore Our Earth," which encourages innovative thinking through natural processes, emerging green technologies, and the ability to restore the world's ecosystems. A healthy planet supports…

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Is the use of lithium batteries in data centres already completely superior to lead-acid batteries?

Lithium batteries are a generic term for lithium metal batteries and lithium ion batteries, commonly referred to as lithium ion batteries, which are characterised by the absence of lithium in the metallic state and support repeated charging and discharging.The history of lithium batteries is an interesting one. It was back in 1979 that Professor John Goodenough of Oxford University first demonstra…

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