10Kva Distributed Intelligent Uninterruptible Power Supply

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Why do people choose BSLBATT?

Professional, high-performance and factory-made

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    System standardisation

    Standardised system design, rapid design of solutions; rapid deployment and flexible expansion.


    Highly integrated

    New energy lithium battery system, new IoT sensing technology, platform network management.


    Safety level

    The power distribution system meets the requirements of Class A server room or TIA942 standard T4 rating.

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    Modularity of components

    Components are plug-and-play, easy to install and replace. Also easy to maintain.


    Standardised interfaces

    Clear engineering interface, simple construction, support flexible expansion.


    N+1 configuration

    N+1 redundant configuration for maximum efficiency and easy expansion.

Reliable systems with high security

  • 30 min
    power back-up time
  • 211.2V
    voltage platforms
  • 5.28Kwh
    battery capacity

UPS systems based on lithium iron phosphate batteries in a modular series design. Overall product safety and longevity enhanced by a reliable BMS system and high performance equalisation technology Using automotive-grade structural design and welding processes, the whole system is characterised by flexible configuration and high reliability.

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A wealth of experience serving the world

In solving UPS power distribution challenges for customers around the world, the BSLBATT team has summarised some standardised solutions to help customers better transform their server rooms. Our small and medium-sized integrated server room solutions rely on 19-inch cabinets to build an integrated mechanism through a modular component succession. The system integrates intelligent power distribution and lightning protection modules, UPS power supply/lithium battery modules, PDUs, temperature sensors, fire and smoke sensors and other components. The result is an overall intelligent network integrated server room with a hierarchy of comprehensive management rights.

For medium to large UPS projects, the BSLATT team has also summarised four common solutions. These are the 2N system distribution power for UPS + UPS, dual power distribution power for UPS + mains, dual power distribution power for HV DC + mains and single power distribution power schemes. These experiences can help to meet many different needs and even if there are other special circumstances, the detailed descriptions can help us to solve our customers' problems.

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