Fujian County OB Station Room UPS system Project

"BSLBATT's UPS lithium batteries enable a multi-layered application of smart power platforms, in addition to significant bill savings. This is the reason why we helped the OB choose your company." So said the Engineering Manager (anonymous) on this project.

In order to protect the stability of the transmission lines and the safety of electricity consumption, the OB set up on a mountain top in Fujian Province, China, was determined to renovate the UPS in the server room and commissioned an engineering management company to find a suitable energy storage system supplier on its behalf, and BSLBATT was chosen because of its reputation for reliability.

The computer room of the rebroadcast station processes a large amount of data every day. Once the power is cut off, even if it is short-lived, the result will be very bad, because the server may be inaccessible, and if the computer is suddenly shut down, the data may even be damaged. This is where the BSLBATT battery UPS comes in. Just like a power failure, they will seamlessly switch to battery power, and the equipment at the broadcast station will remain on and running until the main power supply is restored or you can safely shut down the equipment.

The UPS project required that the monitoring module should have a variety of communication interfaces such as RS232, USB, RS485 and dry contact to monitor the operating status of the UPS. The UPS monitoring module is equipped with remote SNMP network management (optional), supports TCP/IP protocols, enables remote network management and supports flexible and diverse networking solutions, making it easy to monitor and manage the UPS at any time and from any location. 10% power cost savings are achieved while smoothing the demand curve of the OB station, bringing significant economic benefits and reducing the operational burden.

BSLBATT has many advantages in the distributed solution of lithium battery UPS backup in medium and large data center computer rooms!

Highly Integrated

New energy lithium battery system, new IoT sensing technology, platform network management

System Standardization

System standard design, rapid plan design, rapid deployment, flexible expansion

Interface Standardization

Clear engineering interface, simple construction, flexible expansion

Modular Components

Plug and play, easy to install, replace, and easy to maintain

Rated output power: 20KVA UPS (max. expansion 100KVA)

Power backup time: 


Protection level: 


Operating mode: 

Must meet online hot-swap

Input voltage: 


System efficiency: 

100% load:≥95.5%; 50% load:≥96%; 30% load:≥95%


LCD touch screen (menu-based architecture)

Communication protocol: 

RS232, USB, RS485

Cabinet size: 

R32-12120-2x2 1400x800x1180 (mm)
Seismic rating: ≥9


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