Brazil Hotel Microgrid Project

"Based on BSLATT's professional performance and extensive project delivery experience in the field of energy storage technology, we are ready to build a long-term partnership with BSLBATT ESS and create a better future together." Luiz Mello, General Manager of moura's energy storage division.

The project is located in moura's production base in Brazil and uses BSLBATT 500KW/500kWh lithium battery energy storage system, control system and other smart microgrid total solutions.

The solution meets moura's stringent requirements for high reliability, high performance and high security of the system, and has more powerful energy control capability.

Combined with the BSLBATT back-end intelligent monitoring platform, it can achieve full intelligent operation and maintenance, self-generation and self-consumption, further simplifying operation and maintenance work while improving the economy of enterprise energy use.

System capacity: 1MW/3MWh
System size: 15ft high cabinet
Connected voltage:380V
PCS power: 1000kW
Application:Hotel Micro-Grid
Location:São Paulo, Brazil


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