Solar Charging Posts Project

"Power intelligence has become the new focus of the industrial park innovation competition, through the form of "micro-grid" to provide lighting and new energy vehicle power supply for the park, has become imminent. "Pan Quanliang, Manager of the management department of Deqing Industrial Park.

The integrated light storage and charging smart microgrid project in Jiangsu's Deqing Industrial Park uses a lithium iron phosphate energy storage system developed by BSLATT. The system consists of a 240kWh battery cluster together with a DC unit, an environmental control unit and a fire fighting unit.

The system used here has a smaller footprint and higher energy density than conventional energy storage systems. The RTU (Remote Control Unit) provides unified monitoring and management of the DC and AC sides, and in conjunction with the WeWatt energy dispatch platform, enables demand control and peak and valley reduction for the park transformers.

System capacity:100kw/240kWh
System size:20ft high cabinet
PCS power: 100kW
Access voltage:400V
Application:PV + Storage in Small Commercial and Industry
Storage type:BSL Grid-ESS M100

Deqing County, China


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