Commercial Energy Storage

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-01-03

battery storage oem honeywell  bslbatt

Project detail

User: Honeywell

PCS power: 500kW

System capacity: 500KW/2000kW

Access voltage: 400V

System size: 40ft high cabinet

Honeywell, as a high-tech company in the world TOP500, has been committed to creating a harmonious society where everything is connected, smarter and safer. 

In order to solve the problem of solar panel power generation time shift, Honeywell sought cooperation with us. BSLBATT finally installed a 500kw/2000kwh energy storage system for Honeywell by analyzing the load characteristics and examining the energy consumption habits of the company. 

This system is connected to the AC side through the DC side of the energy storage battery via inverter. After delivery, the system will form an optimal configuration with the enterprise's PV power generation system, further helping the enterprise to avoid high electricity prices and providing stable and reliable power support for the enterprise.

"Deploying energy storage can dramatically improve the ability of solar power systems to consume energy and provide businesses with cleaner, more favorable energy use, which is in line with Honeywell's vision for growth. " -- Hao Peng, Honeywell Project Management Manager    


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