Smart Lithium Battery/5G Power System

Bslbatt Develops A Professional 5G Base Station Power Supply Integrated System, Which Is Mainly Composed Of A Rectifier Unit, A Monitoring Unit, A Lightning Protection Unit, A Power Distribution Unit, And A Wireless Communication Unit.    

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Why Do People Choose BSLBATT?

Professional, High-performance & Factory-made

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    Small Size & Low Cost

    BSLBATT strives to achieve extremely low cost, and can guarantee product quality at the same time;


    Many Applicable Scenarios

    Used in harsh environments such as outdoor iron tower light pole stations, indoor distributed weak current wells, and micro-stations;


    Various Installation Methods

    Meet the application scenarios of wall hanging, pole holding, angle steel tower, etc., support flag mounting, flat mounting and other installation methods;

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    Integrated Power Supply

    The integrated power supply integrates the 48V rectifier unit, battery unit, monitoring unit, lightning protection unit and input and output interfaces to achieve low cost and simplify installation, deployment and maintenance;


    Support Expansion

    A variety of natural cooling integrated and discrete power modules to meet the needs of various load power levels, support external power module expansion, and support external battery expansion;


    High Efficiency

    Adopt high-efficiency topology bridgeless PFC+LLC+SR; efficiency exceeds 95%; adopt digital control technology to realize frequency jitter, frequency reduction and frequency conversion control.

Product Advantages

  • Ultra-Efficient, High-Reliability Power Architecture
    Ultra-high-efficiency, high-reliability power supply topology design, the entire system adopts natural heat dissipation technology to meet the harsh outdoor application environment.
  • Intelligent Management
    Energy management based on intelligent technology can achieve efficient, transparent and safe power supply. Support near-field and remote platform monitoring and maintenance.
  • System Integration Design
    Highly integrated, integrated power supply, BMS, FSU, monitoring, power distribution, and lightning protection from a system perspective make the product more competitive: extremely low cost. Can be quickly installed on the station.
  • One-stop Solution
    Power + battery management, with fully independent development capabilities, quick response, meeting customer customized needs, and short development cycle.

The battery module is composed of a 48V lithium iron phosphate battery module (the module is composed of 16 3.2V battery cells in series, or is composed of a lithium battery module using bidirectional DC conversion technology. The output voltage can be set in the range of -47V~-57V and can be charged and discharged at a constant voltage. ) And BMS. The battery capacity is 48V/50Ah. It should be possible to match the battery discharge current with the system output capacity by configuring multiple sets of batteries in parallel.

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Miniaturization and low cost, high charging and discharging efficiency

The integrated power supply integrates the 48V rectifier unit, battery unit, monitoring unit, lightning protection unit and input and output interfaces in the same product structure, which has the advantages of miniaturization and low cost.

It has excellent cycle life (6 times that of ordinary batteries), reducing operation and maintenance costs; the battery uses 8V lithium iron phosphate battery module and BMS board composition, high charge and discharge efficiency, charge and discharge efficiency ≥ 97%, support wide temperature range operation:- 40℃~55℃.

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