300kWh Battery Energy Storage System

"Thank you very much for this set of solutions provided by BSLBATT Energy, which has benefited us a lot. The most intuitive thing is that the monthly electricity bill has been reduced."

                                                                                                                                                                                                         ——Manager of Hibisch Equipment Department

Placing battery systems along utility transmission and distribution lines can be an effective alternative to building new infrastructure. The battery can be charged when the network is not so busy, ideally, when a large amount of renewable energy is generated, and then discharged to help the utility meet peak demand.

BSLBATT Energy's 150kW/300kWh container distributed energy storage system was officially put into operation on January 3, 2017. Since the system was launched, it has been operating safely and stably. The accumulated effective operating hours (only charging and discharging time, excluding standby time) exceed 25,000 hours, and the effective online rate of the system is 97.6%. During the operation period, the system transferred 88,992.5kWh of electrical energy, and optimized response times according to load characteristics and demand control reached 85 times, which brought good economic benefits to the enterprise.

Energy storage system technology provider BSLBATT provides battery systems ranging from batteries to housings, inverters, transformers, and software and control.

System capacity:150kW/300KWh
System size:19ft high cabinet
PCS power150kW
Access voltage:380V
Application:Renewable Energy Battery Storage
Storage type:BSL B20 Energy Storage System Battery
Location:DongGuna, China


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