What Is A Containerized Energy Storage System?

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-08-17

For containerized energy storage, as the existing container energy storage system is becoming more and more integrated, the energy storage equipment box is an intelligent integrated special container such as uninterrupted power supply, ESS rack mount battery modules, precision air conditioning, high voltage control box,and monitoring equipment. The effects of rain, fog, dust, sand, lightning, and theft, etc., meet various usage environments.

The use of container energy storage

With the introduction and advancement of the modular concept, the container, as a good carrier, has the characteristics of high reliability, high convenience, low power consumption and perfect monitoring. Therefore, it has become an important component in modular buildings. New buildings such as energy storage, containerized data centers, and containerized generator sets have emerged, which have greatly promoted the development of modular buildings. And with the development of clean energy, more and more large scale battery storage need container batteries as energy carriers, as a clean energy solution, suitable for grid scale energy storage.

  1. Conventional container: refers to a large-scale container with a certain strength, rigidity and specification for turnover.

  2. Container data center: To put it simply, the data center is not located in the computer room, but to find a large container and place it on an open space with a network and power supply.

  3. Container type generator set: adopts standard container structure box body, built-in diesel generator set, and supporting special complete sets of equipment and accessories.

  4. Large scale battery storage: The container has good sealing performance. It is a complete and self-contained battery solution for grid scale energy storage. The installation is modular, faster and easier.

Product advantages of containerized energy storage system solutions

The containerized energy storage system is mainly composed of containerized computer room, ess batteries, battery management system (BMS), energy storage converter (PCS) and auxiliary control system (temperature control system, fire fighting system, etc.). Due to its small footprint, convenient installation and transportation, short construction period, strong environmental adaptability, high intelligence and many other advantages.

The battery installation rack adopts a standard 19-inch, detachable and fully open structure design, and the frame is welded with high-quality steel structure; the left and right side doors can be quickly disassembled, with high flexibility, convenient installation and maintenance, and suitable for any form of computer room and The layout of the container requires a good ventilation and heat dissipation design inside the battery rack, which is used to improve the working environment of the ess lithium ion battery to increase the service life. The entire system adopts front wiring, which greatly reduces the ess rack mount battery modules inside the container. Install and use space.

●Independent loading

●System integration: a complete set of energy storage technical services

●On-grid system/off-grid system seamless switching function

●ess energy storage battery has long life, simple maintenance and cost saving

●Grid peak shaving and valley filling, frequency modulation

●Smooth solar and wind power output

●Environmental protection, less pollution

Compared with traditional fixed energy storage power stations, the containerized energy storage system allows ocean and road transportation, is highly mobile, and is not restricted by region. With the continuous breakthrough of battery technology in the future, the cost of energy storage containers is expected to be greatly reduced, and the prospects are worth looking forward to.

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