Characteristics of Data Center Lithium UPS

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-08-28

With the changes and improvements of uninterruptible power supply (UPS system) technology, the application of lithium batteries in data center backup power is gradually approaching maturity. Lithium ion UPS can provide extended backup time during power events and help reduce energy consumption costs and protect data centers.

backup battery power supply

Due to technological advancements in the past few decades, we are living in the digital age. The development and globalization of the Internet, information and knowledge structures, and the development of new information and communication technologies mean that most information is produced and stored electronically.

Companies, governments, institutions, and people all over the world generate large amounts of data every day. These data are shared, saved, and dependent on work, tasks, and daily activities through mobile phones, computers, the Internet, and mobile networks.

For this reason, data centers have very demanding requirements for lithium battery ups backup, requiring stable power to operate and maintain online business, communications, and infrastructure 24 hours a day.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure continuous and reliable power supply, because a failure, no matter how short, will cause huge information loss, and ultimately cause huge losses to companies and individuals.

The use of one or more UPS lithium batteries to support the operation of the data center can really play a role, because it ensures the energy stability required to ensure the operation of the servers and other equipment in the installation, thereby protecting the integrity of the data center.

These lithium battery ups must be durable and have enough power to meet more demanding requirements. In addition, they must be prepared for continuous operation to avoid oscillations in power transmission, or to operate during power outages, to help the system stay active and avoid major losses.

These facilities have the particularity of operating in a refrigerated environment and therefore have a controlled temperature, which means that adjacent structures (such as air conditioning or refrigeration systems) also rely on a stable power supply.

In fact, data centers cannot be stopped. Their operation, as mentioned above, is subject to specific conditions, so the generators supporting these facilities also have their own characteristics:

▲ UPS with lithium ion battery can run continuously, as the main energy source, or in an emergency, run when the network fails.

▲ UPS lithium batteries must be able to run for a long time, so they must be capable of more than 4000 deep cycles.

▲ Charging time is shorter. A typical lithium-ion battery can be fully charged in about two hours, while a VRLA battery takes 10-12 hours.

▲ For the same reason, the lithium battery and system used must be as efficient as possible to avoid unnecessary excessive consumption.

▲ Lithium ion ups must have an intelligent power management system, because it is essential to ensure the best voltage and frequency conditions in the event of a failure.

▲ As with any battery, safety must be the top priority of the data center. The transition from VRLA to lithium-ion batteries brings important safety considerations. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the long life and correct operation of Lithium UPS.

▲ The footprint is smaller. Lithium-ion batteries are 60-70% lighter than VRLA batteries, and their overall size is reduced by 40-60%. Therefore, they occupy a smaller footprint and provide more space for data centers for data and IT management.

BSLBATT ESS Battery Can Help Meet Your Data Center Needs

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If you have not adopted lithium-ion battery UPS, there are many reasons to consider adopting this method. BSLBATT provides flexible and efficient solutions to make your data center face the future. Contact us for lithium-ion UPS!

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