Customer/Dealer/Distributor Interest in BSLBATT lithium-ion industrial batteries Continues to Grow

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-07-08

From the COO:

Customer/Dealer/Distributor Interest in BSLBATT lithium-ion industrial batteries Continues to Grow

Dear BSLBATT lithium-ion industrial batteries Stakeholders:

We are pleased to launch our BSLBATT lithium-ion industrial batteries “product marketing” page to highlight BSLBATT product details and compatible forklift brand cases. It is no coincidence we are launching our marketing page at a time when we have a lot of positive momentum in our business.

We believe our advanced lithium-ion industrial batteries provide substantial advantages in performance and savings to the markets we are targeting. We are seeing a ground swell of interest in our lithium energy solutions for industrial “motive power,” our initial commercial focus, and also for portable and stationary power. For those new to the terminology, motive power refers to energy – electricity in our case - that is used to drive machinery.

Motive Power – BSLBATT lithium-ion industrial batteries

We rolled-out our lithium-ion industrial batteries product line initially for small electric lift trucks known as “counterbalanced forklift,” typically operated by an individual sit down behind it. Counterbalance forklifts are the most common type of forklift utilised globally. The reception so far for this solution has been highly positive, but the actual sales cycle is longest at the product launch stage. BSLBATT has to first demonstrate the benefits and reliability of our products, not to mention our own credibility as a company, in order to convert this interest into sales growth.

Accordingly, we have invested time and resources into active sales and marketing efforts. We are gaining early traction towards building a worldwide distribution network of equipment dealers, distributors, and OEMs. And we are receiving initial orders from over a dozen states. Right now choosing the right partners and the right terms and structures in our agreements will critically impact our long-term success, so we are taking the time we need to ensure our interests are well aligned with all of our partners.

The progress BSLBTATT lithium-ion industrial batteries has made with each of these important constituents is outlined in more detail below.

Lift Truck OEMs/manufacturers:

● BSLBATT industrial truck lithium batteries is in dialogue and/or testing with several of the top-five China manufacturers.

● BSLBATT Industrial lithium batteries has secured technical approval from a leading global Lift Truck OEM and is working to build upon this important industry validation with others.

Lift Truck Dealers:

● BSLBATT Forklift battery manufacturers is currently in discussions with 54 dealers across 20 states, seeking to establish a worldwide distribution network.

● We have already completed initial tests and product sales as part of this process, and look to formalize these relationships in the coming quarters.

Battery Distributors

● Battery distributors are an important channel for BSLBATT lithium forklift battery companies given their specialized product knowledge and influence, as well as their ability to sell both to equipment dealers and direct to customer accounts.

● Battery distributors tend to cover larger geographic territories than dealers, so we can target a smaller universe to reach the same coverage. We are currently in active dialogues with over 98 battery distributors across worldwide.

Customers/End Users

● The customer/end user is the true beneficiary of our products’ performance and cost advantages over legacy lead-acid alternatives.

● We have received a very positive reception and growing base of interest from national accounts, including Fortune 500 companies, particularly in the material handling-intensive industries of food and beverage makers, grocery chains and logistics companies.

● We really do believe we are on track to begin converting initial tests and orders into broader scale deployments as our customers and distribution partners gain comfort with BSLBATT lithium battery manufacturers, our products and customer service.

● More importantly, endorsements from large customers drive support from distributors, dealers, and OEM’s that will respond to this interest.

Your customers also need to understand the advantages of li-ion batteries. In an article about lithium-ion batteries in forklifts, the author will take you through how lithium-ion technology can choose reliable machines for your warehouse. 

lithium-ion industrial batteries

Portable and Stationary Power Markets

While our focus has been on motive power and the material handling market, we have also made solid inroads in the markets for both portable and stationary power solutions. 

Our stationary power battery packs are ideal for applications across numerous industries that require a source of reliable on-demand power that is easily transportable and Renewable Energy. They are an ideal replacement for portable generators and solve issues including noise, emissions, fuel, maintenance and reliability.

So far we have identified interest within the renewable energyand, marine, golf cart, Floor Machine. In fact, in Q2 we shipped several battery cupboard for use in a And off the grid solar system. Both Portable and Stationary Power Markets provide large markets that are both attainable and within our core product capability.

Portable and Stationary Power Markets

About BSLBATT Lithium

BSLBATT lithium is a manufacturing and trading combo, specializing in Lithium batteries for over  10 years including all brands and models of lift trucks (Class I, II, and III), Ground Support Equipment, aerial lifts, and storage energy more. BSLBATT specialized in manufacturing Li-ion battery for every forklift.

Our production base in Anhui and Huizhou is the first professional Forklift lithium battery factory in China. We mainly produce the Cells and whole Battery Pack, with an annual output power of over 500 million Wh. In total, we have 280 employees, including 20 technicians, 17 QC staff, a strong management team, and major engineers with over 16 years of experience in lithium battery production. We own 36 patents for inventions and utility models and 5 software copyrights. 

BSLBATT Lithium is more than just a manufacturer – our partners know us for always going the extra mile to meet the customer’s needs and support our dealers. We have helped businesses all across United States, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, Israel, Poland, Croatia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Spain, Thailand and etc. ) transition from diesel, LPG, and traditional lead-acid batteries to the more technologically advanced, economic, and safe lithium forklift battery. Whether you’re a longtime lithium-ion battery user or still considering the switch, BSLBATT Lithium can provide you with a tailored power solution.

With that, I’ll bring this inaugural blog post to a close. We greatly appreciate your interest and support and look forward to keeping you updated through the BSLBATT forklift batteries blog.


Haley Ning

COO Wisdom Industrial Power Co., Ltd

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