PV Battery Storage - what is it and is it worth having?

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PV battery storage allows you to store electricity when production is higher than consumption. The stored surplus can be used in times of increased demand. PV battery storage can be very important for the future of the energy market in the world.

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What is PV battery storage and how does it work?

Battery storage for PV facilities is a device whose purpose is to collect the electricity generated. This type of equipment is becoming increasingly popular, mainly due to photovoltaic installations. Typically, the energy produced by the photovoltaic installation, is used for current needs, and the surplus is supplied to the power grid. In the event that solar panels are not able to produce the necessary amount of energy, you can use the surplus generated at an earlier time. However, it must be remembered that for such energy storage, the utility company charges 20 or 30 % of the surplus. PV with battery storage allows you to avoid this. The electricity generated by the photovoltaic panels goes into batteries, where it is stored in the form of a chemical substance. When we want to use surplus energy, it is transformed anew and transmitted in the form of electricity.

Why PV battery storage systems are becoming useful?

PV battery storage system allows electricity to be used at a different time than it is produced in the plant. This situation is called "postponing the consumption of electricity". So the excess solar electricity generated during the daytime is redirected to the PV battery storage system. If a household's demand is higher than the level of energy generated, such battery storage is used. The direct consumption of electricity for the household's own needs is usually only 30 % because no one is at home during the period when electricity production is highest (during the day). That is why it is a good idea to store the part of the electricity that cannot be used for current needs and use it when the electricity production is lower. There are two ways to store energy, either off-grid or on-grid. When it comes to an island system, in this case, you can't draw electricity from the grid, so it's worth investing in PV battery storage systems to have the ability to use electricity at any time. PV battery storage systems are also used in on-grid systems. Despite the fact that you can take excess energy from the grid, this solution is chosen more and more often. It is useful, among other things, during a power grid failure, then you have access to electricity from the store all the time when the installation does not produce the required amount of energy.

PV system with battery storage - who is it for?

PV system with battery storage is an option for entrepreneurs, farmers, and prosumers alike. It is a solution for all those who want to have access to electricity all the time and store as much of it as possible, minimizing the losses that can be seen when drawing stored energy from the grid.

Is it worth investing in battery storage for PV?

PV with battery storage has many advantages. First of all, by choosing such a solution, we can accumulate energy in the store and not give some of it away to power plants. Unfortunately, even 20 or 30 percent of generated energy stored in the grid does not get back to us. In addition, we are able to become energy independent, even if there is no power in the grid, we will still have access to it. Such electricity from PV battery storage can also be used in places where there is no access to the network, such as a house on a plot, or a summer house. Solar pv battery storage is an option for people who do not use much energy during the day but want to use all of it for their own needs. It is a recommended option in places where there are frequent power failures. Solar pv battery storage has many advantages, first and foremost:

  Thanks to them, you can maximize the use of the energy produced, the battery storage for PV system makes all the energy remains for our consumption

 ● We do not have to worry about power failures, because we always have access to it

 ● We cover our demand for electricity, even at peak times

 ● We care for the environment because the energy produced by the installation and stored in the warehouse is completely ecological

 ● You can choose the capacity of the battery, depending on your individual needs

 ● The possibility of using the solar battery storage in all places where there is no access to the electricity grid

  Energy independence

  Getting rid of interferences that reduce the quality of energy and minimizing the effects of network overloads

The photovoltaic market is still developing intensively and battery storage systems are able to store more and more energy. Both capacity and power parameters are increasing. The lifetime of such devices is also changing. Thanks to this, prices are also slowly decreasing. The most popular batteries on the market are lithium-ion batteries and those produced in LiFePO4 technology.

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Home PV battery storage

Solar PV battery storage can be used by residentials to store surplus energy and use it in times of peak demand when the system is not generating enough electricity. In this way, a household can achieve up to 90 percent energy self-sufficiency, which is a great advantage.

PV battery storage systems for farms

PV battery storage systems can also be used on farms. Thanks to new technologies, the entire agricultural production will run more efficiently and its profits will increase. However, innovative equipment and solutions also increase the demand for electricity, which leads to high electricity bills. In addition, you have to take into account the constant increase in the price of electricity. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of maintaining the farm, the profitability of such a business decreases. Photovoltaics can significantly reduce the cost of electricity, farmers are recommended to invest in PV battery storage systems. A sudden lack of electricity can bring a lot of losses, so it is worth having access to energy from PV batteries. Solar pv with battery storage, will give constant access to electricity, cover the current needs of the farm and accumulate the surplus generated for later use.

PV battery storage systems for companies

Battery storage is decided especially by companies that have a photovoltaic installation with a capacity of more than 50 kW because such companies can not use the system of discounts. Companies that decide on such investments, not only can use all the electricity generated without any losses but also do not have to worry about failures and weather phenomena, through which they would be cut off from the supply of electricity. Energy storage systems for large consumers are called ESS systems, or Energy Solar Systems. In many businesses, a sudden power outage can be very disruptive. Some equipment, such as refrigeration equipment, must run continuously. To protect against possible losses, it is worth investing in PV battery storage systems.

How to choose a PV solar battery storage facility?

PV solar battery storage should be selected according to our individual needs and requirements. When choosing such a solution, it is best to pay attention to a few important factors, such as:

Technology- there are many energy storage units to choose from that are manufactured with different technologies you can bet on the leading ones on the market, i.e. lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries. Lead-acid batteries are large in size and weight, yet they are the most appreciated by consumers. The second type is slowly gaining more and more recognition, mainly due to its high efficiency and low weight.

Battery capacity - the capacity of the battery is presented in the unit of kWh and shows how much energy can be obtained from a fully charged storage battery system. Usually, in household installations, Powerwall batteries of 3 to 10 kWh are recommended, they are completely sufficient. In many cases, the nominal capacity is also shown, that is, the total capacity, which usually cannot be obtained in full.

Battery concepts - the models of these devices differ primarily in the components used, sometimes they are dedicated as a solution for new installations, or complement the existing system.

Required space - lithium-ion batteries, just like lead-acid batteries, have different requirements for the needed installation space. It is therefore important to know where such PV solar battery storage system can be located and where it can be set up.

Full cycles - A full cycle is the operation of fully charging a battery and discharging it to the depth of discharge. Sometimes it may consist of several partial cycles. The PV battery should of course reach its maximum number of cycles during the warranty period. As far as lithium-ion batteries are concerned, this is about 10,000 charge cycles, which is about 10 to 15 years.

Warranty - it covers both manufacturing defects and material damage. It is an individual matter and depends on the manufacturer, usually, it is up to 10 years. The warranty will be considered only when the installation and service photovoltaic installation will be carried out by an installer with appropriate rights.

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Home PV battery storage - what future do they have?

Due to the European Union's plans to increase the share of renewable energy in energy production, there is a growing interest in innovative methods of energy storage. Battery storage systems are becoming more and more efficient, and at the same time available for a growing number of consumers. Storage of generated energy is necessary to improve energy security and to dynamize the renewable energy sector. Further development of RES will be practically impossible without PV battery storage. 

Such devices have a great future and are directly necessary to change and modernize the power industry in the world. Moreover, PV battery storage devices reduce the problem connected with the unpredictability of energy production from RES, thanks to them it is possible to achieve energy independence and maximize the use of electricity from RES. Currently, PV battery storage is not so common, but more and more people are interested in it, not only individuals but also companies and farmers. Probably with the development of technology, thanks to lithium batteries it will be possible to decentralize the energy system, and energy from the grid will be used only in emergencies, as a rescue option. PV battery storage is a major step forward in energy and is proving to be an extremely helpful and effective solution.

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