The BSLBATT 48V 100Ah LiFePo4 battery module can be applied to a variety of applications, such as data centers, commercial batteries, home energy storage batteries, hybrid solar systems, backup power supplies, etc. And it can be applied to different scenarios through parallel or series connection of battery modules.

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Why do people choose BSLBATT?

Professional, high-performance and factory-made

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    Safe Lithium Iron Phosphate (LEP or LiFePo4) Battery Cells.


    Smart Management System

    The unit BMS collects battery parameters, including voltage, current, capacity, temperature, etc.


    Modular Design

    19'' standard Cabinet installation with Eight 48V 100Ah Battery Module.

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    Long Service Life

    Deeper depth of discharge without decreasing in battery performance.


    Real-time Monitoring

    LCD Display Screen to check the battery status easily. Centralized Monitoring to bring convenience maintenance.


    Wide Application

    Design for telecommunication room, internet data center (IDC), UPS and other areas as an ideal backup power supply.

Reliable Lithium Battery Manufacturer

  • Long Cycle Life
    10 Years
  • Small Self-discharge
    Can be stored for a long time
  • Green Energy
    Wind/Solar Energy

The BSL-LEP48V-100PW standard backup battery is manufactured based on lithium iron phosphate batteries. It is designed to provide backup power for telecommunications equipment or energy storage systems. It has the characteristics of good safety, high energy density, long life, good temperature performance, good safety and high reliability. More battery modules can be connected in parallel or in series to meet more usage scenarios.

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About BSLBATT ESS battery

BSLBATT power supply designs and manufactures high-efficiency, non-toxic and long-lasting energy storage and management systems using non-toxic lithium iron phosphate (LFP). BSLBATT, headquartered in Huizhou, Guangdong, China, combines the harmless LFP energy storage chemistry with its proprietary battery and battery architecture, manufacturing processes and materials, power electronics and battery management system (BMS) to create a safe, reliable, durable and highly efficient Scalable-residential, commercial, industrial, military, emergency backup power and telecommunications industry demand power solutions. Indispensable to all BSLBATT ESS battery solutions is a proprietary management system that can further optimize its battery life cycle, performance and durability. BSLBATT storage system components have passed 3C, CE, and TUV certifications, and have passed various strict tests and requirements.

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