7.2 MWh of Energy Storage Projects

Lithium batteries provide lithium ion solutions that are considered to be one of the safest chemical substances on the market. Security is most important at both ends of the spectrum. Large energy storage systems (ESS) have large energy reserves and require proper design and system management.

Based on its outstanding energy management capabilities, BSLBATT Energy deployed a 2MW/7.2MWh distributed energy storage system at the Jiangsu Yinzhu Chemical Production Base in April 2019. With the help of the WeWatt big data management platform, it helps companies in "design delivery" and "system A complete closed loop is formed between "operations", enabling enterprises to better grasp the system operations and achieve higher-level asset management.

"The construction of this project has made a useful attempt to explore local energy storage applications, and has also established a new bright spot for the user side."

As a renewable energy company, BSLBATT can provide customers with solutions such as hybrid microgrids and utility-scale energy storage systems to minimize power generation costs and provide reliable power in remote areas, or to reduce electricity bills for businesses and industries.

System capacity:2000kW/7.2MWh
System size:40ft high cabinet
PCS power: 2000kW
Access voltage:380V
Application:PV + Storage in Small Commercial and Industry
Storage type:BSL Grid-ESS B40

Deqing County, China


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