Battery Storage Technology

Energy storage systems (ESS) for commercial and industrial applications.Based on the successful manufacturing and global deployment of high-performance batteries in the past ten years, BSLBATT is launching a dynamic and scalable high-voltage energy storage solution for commercial and industrial applications, which can customize the voltage, capacity and power output for the project-specific performance . It supports higher control and reliability without the need for toxic coolants or thermal monitoring to achieve peak shaving, load transfer, emergency backup and demand response functions.

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Professional, high-performance and factory-made

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    Energy Management System

    The Lithium battery module is placed in the battery box and adopts a cabinet design. The battery system includes batteries and a complete BMS protection system.


    Safe Energy

    Under the requirements of environmental protection, it is inclined to use new alternative energy sources. The backup power supply developed with safe and environmentally friendly lithium iron phosphate lithium batteries has become the only choice to replace lead-acid batteries.


    APP Monitoring

    Develop remote real-time monitoring system of mobile phone APP or webpage on cloud server. Three functions and services: real-time data monitoring; historical data query; system function setting.

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    Distributed Energy

    Distributed power equipment forms an energy pool to eliminate business interruptions caused by a single point of failure. The equipment has an IT-based architecture and supports hot swapping; a single unit can be overloaded by 50%, and multiple units in the energy pool can be overloaded.


    Turnkey Solution

    The system integrates intelligent power distribution and lightning protection modules, UPS power/lithium battery modules, PDUs, intelligent monitoring management modules, cable management accessories, temperature sensors, fire smoke sensors, access control, video monitoring, etc.


    Smaller Footprint

    A smaller footprint means reduced cooling requirements and a weight reduction of about two-thirds. This provides the installation flexibility required by many IT departments.

LiFePo4 Battery Solutions

  • Deploy
    Simple and fast design, deployment on demand according to actual business volume, flexible expansion
  • Lifespan
    Lithium battery life is 2~3 times that of lead-acid battery, up to 10 years, easy to maintain
  • High Power Density
    The energy density of lithium-ion batteries is more than 5 times that of the same power

The introduction of lithium battery power has improved the reliability and service life of the power supply system, and reduced the weight of the equipment. The lithium battery storage system is a bridge for energy transformation.

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BSL-96V is a high voltage battery module of BSLBATT, with a total capacity of 59.5kWh, provide highly integrated lithium battery solutions and services for broadband, telecommunications, utilities, microgrids, residential backup power supplies, uninterrupted power supplies, commercial energy storage, and renewable energy.

Battery Capacity59.5kWhRated Capacity620Ah
Rated charging current0.1CMaximum continuous charging current0.15C
Nominal Voltage96V
Operating Voltage Range75V~109.5V

BSLBATT enables equipment manufacturers to improve the performance and reliability of their systems by providing innovative high-voltage power supplies, including micro-module high-voltage power supplies, modular high-voltage power supplies, micro-grid systems, rack-mounted voltage power supplies, telecommunication batteries, container energy storage batteries, etc. , Cost and bottom line. You can purchase multiple varieties and specifications one-stop from us. We have a high-voltage power supply research and development team, high-voltage power supply development software and software for testing high-voltage insulation technology and zero-current resonance technology, so that our high-voltage power supply maintains high stability, low ripple, and excellent EMC. Our products have compact structure, high efficiency and long service life.

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