BSLBATT: Energy Storage Systems Global Website Goes Live

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-03-01

We want to share the good news: just today, our Energy Storage Systems Global website went life! A new website, but also a new way to communicate our solutions ...... With our free supply, we give you the choice: a complete containerized energy storage solution for every single one of your activities.


BSLBATT ESS is a market-leading provider of smart energy solutions. Designing, manufacturing, and delivering advanced engineering solutions for specialized applications. From conceptual design to the design and manufacture of all-inclusive smart energy solutions, we will tailor high-quality products to meet the requirements and specifications of our individual customers.


The company's vision is focused on helping customers solve the unique energy problems that affect their business, and BSLBATT's expertise can provide fully customized solutions to meet our customers' goals. With our customers' needs and satisfaction at the heart of our business, we are committed to listening and responding positively to their needs. This results in our ability to not only meet their expectations but to exceed them due to a thorough understanding of their individual requirements.


Our mission is to enable the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy and create a sustainable modern living. Through expert solution design and the highest quality lithium-ion technology, combined with intelligent software, we will be able to change the way energy is stored. We strongly advocate the transition to decarbonized energy and efficient energy for the end-user, therefore providing our customers with powerful, cost-effective, durable, scalable, and easy to build storage solutions.



"We want to make a positive impact on people, communities, and businesses and reduce our carbon footprint by helping our customers customize their solutions and provide reliable energy storage," said Wisdom Power CEO, Eric Yi.


As renewable energy becomes more prevalent and customers seek differentiation, energy providers are looking for new solutions

products. BSLBATT is powering a greener tomorrow with its superior competency in battery energy storage systems. Backed by a dedicated team of engineers and a wealth of experience, BSLBATT offers a range of robust and reliable products designed to ensure optimal performance, higher yields, and maximum ROI for its customers.

The Power of Team


We understand that the strength of our company lies in the strength of our people. We believe in empowering our people by creating a collaborative, supportive environment that challenges them to reach new heights, builds a rewarding long-term career for all employees, and provides a better value proposition for our suppliers and customers.


Since its inception, BSLBATT has been an employee-centric company: these are the people who represent our capabilities and make a difference for our customers every day. That's why it's important to invest a lot of time and resources in staff training. Besides, our staff members are increasingly aware of the environment and the planet. Their motivation and joint efforts in this awareness process constitute the necessary ingredients to maintain success in this aspect of the BSLBATT initiative.


Not only that, but we are also increasingly aware of our responsibility to the environment. This fuels our ambition to save energy and significantly reduce our carbon footprint. As we communicate openly on this topic and integrate rigorous checks within the organization, our awareness grows and everyone involved contributes to achieving excellence. This has made reducing our carbon footprint an intrinsic part of our daily work.


As a manufacturer, we take responsibility for how our actions impact the environment and strive to operate sustainably. From monitoring and reporting on the energy efficiency performance of our facilities to the way we interact with our suppliers and customers, we consider sustainability every step of the way.


The environment in which we operate will never stand still, and BSLBATT prides itself on prioritizing innovation and continually developing and refining our portfolio of products and services to meet the needs of our customers, as well as finding innovative solutions to meet the new challenges presented by an evolving marketplace.

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