BSLBATT conquers the global energy storage market with innovative battery storage solutions “Made in China”

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-05-26

Battery storage systems are a central pillar of the energy transition

With the advance of the energy transition in connection with the global megatrends of renewable energies and electromobility, the global need for energy storage is growing. Lithium-ion battery storage solutions are a central pillar of the energy transition and guarantee security of supply from renewable energy sources.

But battery storage systems also leave an ecological footprint. In order for this to be as small as possible and at the same time to benefit from the advantages of energy storage technology for global energy transformation, various factors are important. These include longevity, robustness, low maintenance requirements and low energy consumption of the battery storage.

Highly safe, energy-efficient and long-life lithium batteries

Professional and reliable industrial energy storage integrated solution provider. BSLBATT ESS has made a name for itself here and positioned itself early on with innovative lithium-ion battery storage solutions on the billion-dollar growth market. With its quality promise “Highly safe, energy-efficient and long-life” and its product promise “Made in China”, BSLBATT ESS manufactures quality-tested battery storage systems at its production site and headquarters in Guangdong province. From there, BSLBATT ESS delivers its storage products as “Plug & Go” solutions to its customers in China, Europe, America and overseas.

Factors such as service life, charging cycle frequency, battery efficiency and energy consumption in standby mode ensure the longevity and thus profitability of its battery storage solutions. Everything that can influence the quality, longevity and robustness of the battery storage system is put to the test at BSLBATT ESS.

BSLBATT ESS checks every single battery cell in the semi-automated production line. Only if the battery cell is working properly is it also built into a memory. Ultimately, each individual cell determines the performance, service life and safety of a battery storage system. This means that customers only receive quality-tested lithium-ion battery storage products. This not only reduces failures, but also the maintenance effort.

Energy Storage

Battery management system monitors the condition of individual battery cells

But the company’s repertoire does not only include quality testing suitable for series production. Another integral part of the innovative battery storage technology is its patented active battery management system called “BMS”. This ensures an optimal performance of the memory. It monitors the loading and unloading of each cell.

This in turn guarantees a high energy efficiency of the storage and ensures minimal power consumption in standby mode. The BSLBATT battery management aligns the charge status of the individual cells in the storage tank. This process, called balancing, enables the battery cells to perform up to 8000 charging and discharging cycles.

The system features low-speed charging and discharging capabilities and an intelligent design that supports local and cloud-based management and scheduling; advanced temperature control technology and an optimised air duct design with less than 5°C temperature difference between batteries in containers; and patented technology at the heart of the GridPoint Controller to provide status notifications and alerts through real-time monitoring.

Battery storage for use in cold and hot regions

In addition, BSLBATT ESS has dealt intensively with the structure of the storage modules in order to optimally incorporate the needs of trade and industry into the products. In addition to security, the focus is primarily on modularity and low volume with maximum performance. The structure of the memory modules integrates the prismatic cells from EVE Energy, so that an optimal heat dissipation is achieved. This means that BSLBATT’s ESS battery storage systems can run with low maintenance both at very cold temperatures, i.e. an operating temperature of down to minus 10 degrees Celsius, and at very hot temperatures, i.e. an operating temperature of up to 50 degrees Celsius.

The highest cell and component quality, the patented battery management system and the high standards of production “Made in China” together result in the outstanding longevity of BSLBATT ESS battery storage systems and guarantee a service life of up to 30 years.

battery storage solutions

Wide range of applications for trade and industry

With its high-quality battery storage systems, BSLBATT ESS covers a wide range of applications. From the beginning, the focus was on applications for commercial and industrial customers. The modules from BSLBATT ESS start with a capacity of approx. 10 kilowatt hours (kWh). Customers can increase their storage requirements at any time without limitation. It is made possible by the modular design of the battery storage products based on the building block principle.

Other applications for BSLBATT ESS battery storage systems relate to the intermediate storage of renewable energy in order to make it available for use in other areas, for example for charging electric vehicles at charging stations or for operating heat pumps. In these areas, the potential of battery storage solutions for sector coupling comes to light. This means the use of renewable energy in the areas of heating, transport, industry and buildings.

More than 1000 completed projects worldwide

Possible areas of application for the lithium-ion battery storage from BSLBATT ESS are agriculture, logistics, industry, as well as retail, charging infrastructure providers, energy providers, data centers and municipalities. The battery storage systems are also suitable for stadiums and cultural institutions. With their long service life and high cycle stability, BSLBATT ESS battery storage systems are not only safe and robust, but also economical.

With more than 1000 completed projects in over 20 different applications, BSLBATT ESS has secured quality and technology leadership in the competitive energy storage market for lithium-ion batteries. The fact that the company has implemented a large part of the projects internationally and is therefore represented on all continents underpins the international claim.

Browse sample battery storage applications from the BSLBATT ESS project series

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