Distributed energy storage system

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-01-01

battery storage system project of NTN power

Based on the characteristics of the energy used by the enterprise and the regional time-of-use tariff, a 1MW/2MWh distributed energy storage system has been deployed for this project. Once online, the system will be combined with a flexible strategy to dynamically adjust the charging and discharging times and multiplier rates to maximise the operational benefits of the energy storage system while improving the energy mix of the enterprise and increasing the utilisation of the power assets.

"Partnering to deploy energy storage systems is about improving profitability and ROI from the start of plant operations"He Jingbiao, Head of Operations said to us.  

Project details

User: Guangzhou NTN Yulong Transmission System Co.

Acceptance date: January 2019

PCS power: 1000kW

System capacity: 1000kW/2000kWh

Access voltage: 400V

System size: 40+20ft high cabinet

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