Rack UPS and Other Types of Comparison

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-10-08

UPS backup power is widely used in various fields in the market, and the demand for UPS backup power is increasing day by day. There are many types of specifications, and the corresponding UPS backup power should be selected for different application fields. So, what are the differences and advantages between the Rack UPS we usually use and other types of UPS backup power? My answer is that they are important power supply guarantee equipment, which can provide continuous, stable and uninterrupted power. Supply of important external equipment.


>> Rack-mounted UPS


Definition: Rack UPS is a kind of power supply equipment mainly used in the integrated and centralized power supply of security systems. It is an inevitable product of standardized and centralized management of security systems. Can output sine wave, zero conversion time. Rack-mounted UPS provides uninterrupted power supply for connected equipment in the event of a power failure, thereby preventing equipment failure and data loss. It is also responsible for the cooling of the hardware components in the rack. Rack UPS is ideal for workplaces with network and server applications.


Rack-mounted UPS is widely used in communications, electric power, public security, fire protection, radio and television, finance, military, Internet and other industries. The matching and integrated equipment includes: communication base stations, integrated power distribution cabinets, data centers, modular integrated products, etc. .


Rack UPS saves more space than traditional UPS, and looks like a rack server. Rack UPS has small size, super capacity and high efficiency. It saves floor space and space; it is easy to install, use and maintain; it has a short power connection cable and high reliability.


BSLBATT ESS Battery rack-mounted UPS is designed with a standard 19-inch rack-mounted width. This product uses a more efficient lithium iron phosphate battery as a power supply guarantee. The height is only 1U, which is the smallest in the industry and has a simple appearance. The wide voltage input range avoids frequent switching to battery power supply and prolongs battery life. The rack-mounted UPS has an efficiency of more than 90% in battery mode, has complete protection functions and unattended functions, and has an intelligent communication interface.


>> Portable UPS


Portable UPS is a safe, portable, stable and environmentally friendly small energy storage system. Can provide you with a very portable and sustainable green energy solution.


Portable UPS is widely used in various fields, such as: outdoor office, field photography, outdoor construction, backup power supply, emergency rescue, disaster relief, car startup, forestry and agricultural wild resources investigation, etc., and can also be used in mountainous areas without electricity , Pastoral areas, field surveys, yard charging, mobile power and other scenes.


The body is super lightweight and compact. It uses environmentally friendly, small, large-capacity, and light-weight lithium batteries as strong support to ensure that important loads continue to work or there is sufficient power supply for camping in remote mountainous areas. It is specially designed for outdoor emergency. It combines light weight, high capacity, and high power. It has overvoltage, overload, and short circuit protection design, and ultra-high-power pure sine wave output.


Each voltage of BSLBATT portable UPS is high current output, which is beyond the reach of similar products. The maximum output power can reach 6000W. The product uses high-performance lithium iron phosphate battery as energy storage backup. It is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry. Provide reliable power supply guarantee for various emergency scenarios.


By reducing the point of failure between critical equipment and the load, modular UPS can increase the availability of the entire system. Modular UPS is used in government agencies, military, telecommunications, electric power, transportation, radio and television, finance, taxation, medical treatment, education, scientific research, enterprises, petrochemicals, industrial and mining and other fields.


>> Modular UPS


BSLBATT has high-end industrial modular UPS products, which not only include the rectification, filtering, charging, and inverter devices of traditional UPS, but also have intelligent power protection functions, and adopts average current control rectification technology, which is the master and slave. Many new concept technologies such as synchronous control technology, multi-level distributed control technology and third-order sine wave inverter have greatly improved the availability and reliability of the equipment, and have reduced equipment investment, operation and maintenance costs.


Its advantages mainly include the following aspects:


The installation is simple, the expansion is convenient, and the investment is saved.


Modular UPS enables the power supply system to respond on demand, allowing the capacity to achieve "dynamic growth" with the development of the business. It not only satisfies the needs of later business expansion, but also reduces the initial purchase cost of users.


Parallel redundancy, stable operation and high reliability. In the rack-mounted modular UPS, the power module part is redundant in parallel, and each module is equipped with input and output insurance and input and output relays. Any failure of any module will not affect the operation of the entire system.


>> Summary

With the advent of the information society, UPS backup power is widely used in every link from information collection, transmission, processing, storage to application. Its importance is increasing with the increasing importance of information application. The future trend of UPS backup power market demand It will continue to increase. BSLBATT is the industry's leading provider of lithium battery rack UPS power supplies, supporting scenario-based customization!

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