Energy storage cabinet

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2020-12-29

Energy storage cabinet system

In January 2019, a 1MW/2MWh distributed energy storage system was deployed at the Ruihuatai production base. Once online, the system will implement a "two-charge-two-discharge strategy", providing a daily throughput of 4,000kWh. 

This system has helped to adjust the grid load structure of the area, alleviate the demand for additional capacity from customers, and improve the quality of energy use while helping enterprises to better unlock the economic value of the energy storage system.

"The energy storage system has not only activated the potential of our original power system, but also added an intelligent energy service experience, which is like a weight off our shoulders for our O&M staff. This is a great relief for our O&M staff", said Wu Jianxin, Production Centre Manager at Ruihuatai.

Project details

User: Shenzhen Ruihuatai Film Co.

Acceptance time: March 2019

PCS power: 1000kW

System capacity: 1000kW/2000kWh

Access voltage: 400V

System size: 40+20ft high cabinet

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