Special Weekend at BSLBATT: Full of Energy!

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-03-29

To celebrate the end of a busy week, an outdoor camping barbecue was held on March 27.2020 for all of our hard-working employees.

In fact, everyone was really relieved when the news came that the port was no longer at a standstill. It meant that we were finally able to deliver our customers' orders within the deadline and get the villages at our destinations to have stable electricity as soon as possible.

Everyone mobilized to help each other in order to solve the problem. We are very grateful to our excellent staff for getting our energy storage battery system into port on time. Thanks also to our customers for their understanding and help. No one is unimportant when it comes to completing a job.

Thank you for the passion they bring to work every day! 

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