How Long Did it Take to Install Powerpacks in Puerto Rico?

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-07-23

So far, the power system still has many problems that affect people's lives. In an island country like Puerto Rico, having a stable power supply is the best thing. In order to help the people of Puerto Rico have a stable power life, BSLBATT Powerpack in Puerto Rico has been deployed.

This project lasted for a 7-month cycle. At the beginning of December 2020, we first came into contact with the information sent to us by the local project party in Puerto Rico. After three months of continuous conversation and comparison, the project party finally chose Reached a project agreement with BSLBATT to build a solar-storage integrated energy dispatch system for a coastal city in southwestern Puerto Rico.

This is the first energy storage project started by BSLBATT in Puerto Rico, and this project has received the attention of all BSLBATT project participants. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of the local people and still have a stable power supply in stormy weather, we immediately invested in the production and assembly of Powerpack battery modules. Surprisingly, with the efforts of all employees and engineers, we completed all the components of the entire system in just one month. This is also a great achievement in the field of BSLBATT energy storage!

After nearly two months of transportation time, this emergency powerpack was successfully received by the local project in Puerto Rico. This is a 500KW/1.8MWh distributed energy storage system, combined with the local 4.19MWp distributed photovoltaic system, as an integrated solar energy storage system. If this energy is completely stored in the system, it can provide electricity to more than 1,500 local households, and can stably help the people of Ponce to survive the period of grid failure.

The Puerto Rico project team responded very quickly. The installation of the entire container battery storage system took only a few days, and it is gradually delivering electricity to more homes.

"BSLBATT's Powerpack energy storage system has been operating safely and stably since it was launched. It not only effectively solves the problem of high electricity costs in the off-season, but also improves the spontaneous self-utilization rate of the photovoltaic system and smoothes the overall load fluctuation curve," said Eitel, the project leader in Puerto Rico. "This big guy can store 1.8MWh of energy in the body. This energy is fully enough to satisfy our daily lives. With him, we don’t have to worry about the instability of the power grid. This makes our quality of life very good. Big improvement."

As energy storage battery manufacturers, we hope that through our own efforts, we can help more areas to live a stable electric life, and through the integrated solar energy dispatching system combined with solar panels, clean energy can enter everyone's life. , More and more people's trust in clean energy is increasing.

BSLBATT Energy Storage System

BSLBATT is a supplier of lithium batteries and energy storage solutions, our targets are focused on the following markets: microgrid solutions, industrial/commercial energy storage, communications/data centre battery energy storage, transportation/utility energy storage systems, and uninterruptible power supply(ups).

Relying on advanced lithium iron phosphate battery technology, BSLBATT can provide large-scale energy storage systems, distributed energy storage systems and microgrid systems. Based on these systems, BSLBATT can provide a complete power supply solution to achieve power output smoothing, peak shaving, frequency adjustment, transient active response and transient voltage support to ensure safe, stable and reliable operation of the power system. These solutions can be used for frequency regulation, voltage compensation for transition delays and power quality management in power systems.

BSLBATT mainly provides on-grid, off-grid and mixed indoor/outdoor solutions. With its flexible modular design, the BSLBATT energy storage system can meet various needs.

If you still live in an area with insufficient power, maybe you are about to consider alternative energy storage to change your life. Welcome to contact us for more information on Powerpack or energy storage. We have professional engineers to serve you!

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