Lithium UPS Batteries System Provide Smart & Convenient High-reliability Power Solutions

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-10-07

The BSLBATT lithium UPS batteries system provides a smart, convenient and highly reliable backup power solution. The development of digitization, intelligence and informatization is unstoppable. In the past two years, lithium UPS batteries have begun to enter more and more scenarios, and super-large "power banks" have become a source of energy from all walks of life. The supporting lithium battery version of UPS launched by Cuneng Electric has been promoted and applied to the market, and has received unanimous praise.


BSLBATT lithium UPS batteries provide smart, convenient and highly reliable power solutions


Under the influence of technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things, users in various industries are facing the challenge of meeting more stable, smarter, and more convenient power requirements. Therefore, the power supply and power distribution system need a safer, smarter and more convenient UPS power backup solution to ensure the uninterrupted operation of its core business.


Not all UPS battery backup manufacturers on the market now have technical reserves to support applications that use lithium batteries. In many cases, lithium batteries are still used as lead-acid batteries, and the advantages of lithium batteries have not actually been used. How to transform the lithium battery from the current backup function in the battery UPS backup system to the backup + energy storage function, the BSLBATT ESS battery team has done a lot of work.


BSLBATT ESS battery perfectly adapts UPS power backup to lithium-ion batteries. The smart lithium battery UPS backup's new generation of power supply and distribution solutions inherit the advantages of lithium battery high energy density, high discharge efficiency, small footprint, and long service life. , Various specifications can be customized to meet the needs of customers in a variety of application scenarios.


The lithium battery UPS backup system can also be applied to multiple scenarios such as photovoltaics, energy storage, charging piles, and system power protection. It can be a professional load for data centers, communications, Internet, industry, rail transit, government, finance, medical treatment, education and other industries. Provide better quality power supply and distribution solutions.


The lithium battery system adopts high-safety lithium iron phosphate batteries of well-known brands, with a cycle life of up to 5000 times and no replacement for 10 years. Compared with lead-acid batteries, it saves 70% of the floor space and floor load. The three-layer BMS architecture guarantees the reliability of the lithium battery system from the cell-module-system layers.


BSLBATT ESS battery continues to lay out lithium UPS batteries power supply solutions. The module design helps customers achieve high-density deployment while adding more business space, breaking the energy consumption "fetters" of data center power supply and distribution systems, and opening up UPS + lithium battery innovation The application of the program in the data center.


BSLBATT ESS battery lithium UPS battery system product features


>>19-inch standard chassis: It adopts a 19-inch rack structure and is installed in a standard cabinet.


>>Safe and reliable: A three-level protection control strategy is created for the protection characteristics of lithium battery BMS and UPS battery backup system to provide reliable protection for the system.


>>Reduce operation and maintenance: The number of charge and discharge cycles is up to 5000 times, and the service life is up to 10 years. The system does not need to replace the battery during the whole life cycle, reducing maintenance time and equipment maintenance costs.


>>Reduce investment: high energy density, small footprint, light weight, at the same power density, the weight and volume are about 1/3 of the lead-acid battery, and the floor space and load-bearing capacity can be saved by 2/3, which effectively reduces the cost of equipment space investment .


>>Energy saving and environmental protection: The backup power system adopts a non-floating charge design to save energy. The lithium battery uses clean and pollution-free materials, which is green and environmentally friendly.


>>High-safety and refined charging management: The battery dormant charging method is adopted to perform refined charging management on the lithium battery, which can effectively block the loss of active lithium and avoid thermal runaway caused by overcharging.


>>Intelligent operation and maintenance: The LCD Chinese display panel clearly displays the operating status of the UPS battery backup system on the panel, allowing users to grasp the power supply quality of the UPS battery backup system and changes in the application environment at any time, preventing misoperation and using it more assured.


>>Compatible with generator input: wide input voltage and frequency range, which can effectively isolate the bad power generated by the generator, and provide a clean, safe and stable power supply for the load


BSLBATT ESS battery lithium UPS batteries Application case

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About BSLBATT ESS Battery


BSLBATT ESS battery is a power supply company dedicated to the development and application of lithium batteries. The company has been engaged in the lithium battery industry for many years and has accumulated rich professional experience. It is well versed in the matching applications of lithium batteries in the microgrid, telecommunications, photovoltaic energy storage, battery UPS backup industries and the current status and characteristics of the lithium battery industry, providing users in various industries with safety, Stable and efficient lithium battery products and solutions.


Since its establishment, BSLBATT ESS battery products have been widely used in broadband, telecommunications, utilities, microgrids, residential backup power supplies, uninterrupted power supplies, renewable energy, medical, aerospace and defense, high-quality startup, lighting and ignition applications.


BSLBATT ESS battery lithium UPS battery, the key power guarantee guarantor, always guarantees the continuity of power supply, and chooses the appropriate uninterruptible power supply lithium UPS for your business. The UPS+lithium battery complete solution realizes the "open source and throttling" of new energy storage.

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