Island type microgrid system

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Why do people choose BSLBATT?

Professional, high-performance and factory-made

  • 01

    Containerized structure, waterproof and dustproof


    Parallel for scalability


    Certified ESS (UL1973, IEC 62619, UN 38.3, CE)

  • 04

    Gridpoint™ Controller on string management, DC mainstream connection, load dispatch, primary control, secondary control, fire control etc


    WeWattt™ Cloud-Based monitoring & control system enables digital and fully automated management of energy flows


    On-line trouble shooting by global service center

High quality power supply

  • <15
    tons of weight
  • 80%
    retention with 5,000 Cycles @ 1C 25℃
  • 86%
    charge/discharge combined efficiency

To ensure reliable, uninterrupted and high-quality power availability, this system provides high-quality power by stabilising the power system against voltage and frequency fluctuations. It also reduces the number of generators required to optimise costs and achieve a safe and sustainable energy mix and energy efficiency. Health, safety and environmental suitability are achieved.

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Strong support at low cost

The BSLBATT M250 islanded microgrid system consists of isolated energy storage modules that extend and alleviate or even eliminate the need to convert and upgrade transmission and distribution facilities as the total electrical load on an island or city block increases dramatically.

Peak load reduction. It enables customers in isolated islands and neighbourhoods to receive strong voltage support and high quality power quality at low cost.

Combined with solar technology, it can also improve the reception of local distributed energy and support the independent operation of island microgrids.

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