Small C&I and Community Microgrid Solutions

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Why do people choose BSLBATT?

Professional, high-performance and factory-made

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    Ease of installation & configuration


    Affordable ESS for reliable power supply


    Seamless integration with PV system, DG and grid

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    Local HMI & Cloud-Based EMS


    IP65 enclosure with All-in-One design


    Longer life span with 10 years performance warranty

  • IP65
    highly protective housing
  • 86%
    combined charging and discharging efficiency
  • 10 years
    performance warranty

This small battery storage system can provide quiet and reliable clean energy for the community. And it can be used as an emergency power source to provide energy protection in extreme situations such as grid disruption or bad weather. It has a small footprint and a long service life. Operation can be automatically and intelligently monitored 24 hours a day, 24/7, with no maintenance required.

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Clean, quiet and reliable energy technology

The BSLBATT M50 microgrid solution helps communities and small C&I's to be free from the noise and environmental impact of diesel generators and to create a quiet, clean energy experience.

When people cannot get enough reliable power from the grid, they suffer from diesel generators. As technology advances, the M50 combined with solar off-grid technology offers a new option for communities.

BSLBATT's microgrid solution provides quiet, stable energy for residential/small business owners to enjoy the peace and comfort of technological advances.

Many remote sites across the world don't have access to the reliable sources of electricity or aren't connected to power grids at all. To produce electricity, these sites rely heavily on expensive fossil fuels that are uncertain and harmful to both the environment and community members. The declining cost of renewable generation and 

battery energy storage systems (BESS) offers new energy options.

BSLBATT solution is an organic combination of the renewables and battery storage unit, which unlocks lower-cost energy supply while increasing the use of renewables in rural districts, remote areas and islands. The BSLBATT solution offers reliable microgrid energy and energy storage tailored to suit the ecological sensitivities of remote site economies.

The solution helps the people harness locally available resources to generate power and gives them the ability to manage and control these distributed energy resources.

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