Microgird Energy System

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Why do people choose BSLBATT?

Professional, high-performance and factory-made

  • 01

    Parallel for scalability


    Certified ESS (UL1973, IEC 62619, UN 38.3, CE)


    Containerized structure, waterproof and dustproof

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    Gridpoint™ Controller on string management, DC mainstream connection, load dispatch, primary control, secondary control, fire control etc


    WeWattt™ Cloud-Based monitoring & control system enables digital and fully automated management of energy flows


    On-line trouble shooting by global service center

Reliability and resilience at the same time

  • <20
    tons of weight
  • 80%
    retention with 5,000 Cycles @ 1C 25℃
  • 86%
    charge/discharge combined efficiency

Power quality reduces downtime and production losses by stabilising the power system against voltage and frequency fluctuations. Maximises fuel savings and reduces carbon footprint through the highest possible integration of renewable energy sources Fast response to power loss and rotating reserves for generators; efficient management, monitoring and analysis of site assets through cloud-based remote services.

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Intelligent and reliable power supply systems

BSLBATT M500 microgird energy system can extend and alleviate or even eliminate the demand for transformation and upgrading of power transmission and distribution facilities due to the sharp increase in the total power load of islands or urban blocks by peak load shaving.

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