Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-01-03

Stable energy storage system oem

Projecy detail

User: Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau

PCS power: 500kW

System capacity: 500kW/1000kWh

Access voltage: 400V

System size: 20ft high cabinet

In order to further realize the intelligent interconnection between the regional grid and the main grid and improve the intelligence of grid operation, BSLATT provided a 500kW/1000kWh energy storage system for the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau's Dapeng Yaoganwan microgrid project.

Based on the grid company's demand for product stability and functional diversification, BSLATT added corresponding functions such as automatic switching of grid connection and off-grid, abnormal power quality shutdown, reverse power shutdown, grid-connected operation and standby power while optimizing the structure design.

"Working with BSLATT, on the one hand, we have done a lot of research and evaluation on the safety and reliability of their equipment, and on the other hand, their responsive service capability is worthy of recognition. "  --Yang Hao, Project Manager, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau.

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