Why is battery energy storage important for medical equipment?

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-10-12

As an important tool for doctors to diagnose and treat patients, medical equipment occupies a very important position in the development of hospitals. In order to ensure the normal branch of medical equipment, a stable and reliable battery energy storage system must be provided. The quality of the power supply directly affects the use of medical equipment.

The social determinants of health are the conditions under which people are born, grow, live, work, and age. Hospitals are institutions that ensure our health. Therefore, a stable power system is an important condition for ensuring the normal operation of medical equipment!

distributed power generation

With the advancement of medical science and technology, various sophisticated instruments and equipment are widely used in the medical field. The introduction of these equipment plays an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Since medical equipment has high requirements for the quality and voltage of the power supply, if the power supply quality is poor, it is prone to crashes, component damage, and data loss caused by program execution errors during the operation of the medical equipment, which will cause great Medical safety is a hidden danger, and it will bring considerable economic losses to the hospital.

A large number of patients rely on medical equipment every day. In the United States alone, 2.5 million people need power-critical medical equipment every day. Especially now that a large number of citizens are infected with COVID-19 every day, even a short power outage may be a difference between life and death for patients. How to ensure that medical equipment can work stably and reliably during COVID-19?

At present, hospitals generally use a stable battery energy storage system as a backup power source to ensure the normal and safe operation of medical equipment. Worldwide, the ability of medical equipment to work normally in central or remote areas cannot be ignored. When your power supply is uninterrupted, any life-changing risks will be reduced-especially when you are already very vulnerable. People living in remote areas are more susceptible to injury; especially for patients who live alone, medical equipment relies on electricity. When the hospital does not have a stable power supply, their health cannot be guaranteed. For countries or regions that are vulnerable to natural disasters or natural forces, power outages may take the lives of patients at any time!

Of course, power outages not only affect life-saving equipment, but also nursing equipment and independent living aids. People who rely on stair lifts, heating equipment or need to store medicines in refrigerators are also affected. These devices generally do not have backup power, or only have very short battery backup power.

Therefore, energy storage brings innovation and changes to these problems. Only with a stable power supply can you enjoy medical care. No matter where you live, life and health are an important factor to be taken seriously!

Why do medical equipment need to use energy storage as a solution?

In recent years, natural disasters have never been interrupted. In order to avoid damage to the power grid caused by natural disasters, battery energy storage systems combined with new energy sources have become the focus of attention. Hurricane Maria in early 2021 brought devastating disasters to Puerto Rico. Due to the lack of electricity and medical equipment failure, most of the victims had to face death because they did not receive timely treatment!

For patients who rely on medical equipment, a lack of electricity — even a short-term outage — can be catastrophic for long-term health. This is especially true in light of the upcoming season of hurricanes, tornadoes and fires, as natural disasters can prevent vulnerable patients from obtaining reliable electricity.

Natural disasters and other natural phenomena will not disappear, which means that our dependence on medical equipment will not decrease. Providing battery storage or other backup power for medical institutions during power outages is a problem that medical institutions and senior government officials should consider!

Battery energy storage system can provide a key role for medical equipment!

When a power outage occurs, medical equipment needs backup power. The advancement of battery energy storage technology plays a key role in maintaining the operation of medical equipment. The advancement of lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePo4 Battery) technology can bring lighter weight to medical centers. , More compact backup power options, these batteries can be suitable for a variety of different applications, including communication equipment, medical vehicles, or can be customized for nebulizers, pacemakers and other equipment.


The use of lithium battery energy storage systems can increase the operating time and efficiency of medical equipment, and is more economical than other backup power sources, especially when used with solar photovoltaic (solar + energy storage), it can provide reliable backup in the event of a power failure Power supplies help reduce the risk of death in hospitals, and provide shelter for frail residents. In addition to providing backup power, solar + energy storage can also bring economic benefits by saving water and electricity costs and generating income. In contrast, diesel generators provide no economic benefits, are prone to failure, difficult to operate, and are limited by fuel storage and availability during disasters.

Will distributed energy be the future of medical institutions?

For medical centers, distributed energy has not yet been widely used, and most of the power source is still the grid. Then, distributed energy is not only more environmentally friendly, but also ensures a stable power supply for medical equipment, even in the event of a grid failure.

BSLBATT ESS battery has battery energy storage technology and can provide turnkey solutions to realize the intelligent interaction of micro grid energy, distributed energy storage and distributed power generation. Therefore, distributed energy is a key bridge for energy transition and also a remote area An important guarantee for the medical center. The use of a distributed energy storage system can avoid the harmful effects of extreme weather.

In areas where solar, wind, or hydroelectric power generation is more likely, distributed power grids can have greater potential. The new power grid will become the main energy network in the future. This is also a very important change for medical centers!

Medical centers must attach importance to battery energy storage solutions.

Medical equipment is a kind of equipment that requires very high power quality. The decline in power quality will make the use of medical equipment unstable, ranging from the suspension of medical equipment to use, and damage to the equipment, causing medical accidents. Therefore, the configuration of battery energy storage plays an important role in ensuring the safe and normal use of medical equipment, which is of great significance to further improving the quality of medical treatment. It is necessary to learn from the mistakes of the past, and we must ensure that medical institutions adopt new energy solutions!

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