BSLBATT Commercial Battery Storage System, A Reliable Energy Partner

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2022-03-30

With the BSLBATT commercial battery storage systems M30 and M50, your business or commercial center can easily implement emergency backup, peaking, and fully off-grid systems. ESS-Grid, the large scale energy storage solutions division of BSLBATT, has intelligent energy storage solutions for microgrids, grid-scale energy storage, and more.

The M30 and M50 commercial storage systems are designed for large storage capacities in excess of 100 kWh to several megawatt hours. Alternatively, you can choose the B20 commercial storage system as a large-scale energy storage solution for the grid (500 kWh - 2.8 MWh).

Our battery storage solutions make renewable energy grids a reality. BSLBATT allows for a perfect symbiosis of high quality and security, while at the same time we can bring flexible scalability and greater cost-effectiveness to commercial battery storage, by which commercial battery storage systems can be scaled up from 25 kVA in steps up to 400 kVA and adjusted later.

What can a BSLBATT commercial battery storage system do for you?

 ● Maximize self-consumption

 ● Back-up power capability, more independent of energy supply companies

 ● Provide power for electric vehicles

 ● Avoid peak loads

 ● Electrify off-grid areas

 ● Avoiding grid expansion

Who are our customers?

Modular commercial energy storage systems are perfect for municipal utilities and municipalities, industrial companies, and commercial businesses or agriculture. We are the voice of every business facing high electricity bill troubles.

Users can limit peak loads, optimize their own consumption, bridge power failures and charge multiple electric vehicles in a very short period of time.

Many advantages can be adapted to the needs and application areas of individual customers. The customer saves money by paying only for the features he really needs.

BSLBATT commercial battery energy storage is easy to install

BSLBATT commercial battery storage provides you with a secure energy supply through its own energy management system. Large amounts of energy can be stored temporarily and provide extremely high power at any time. Thanks to its modular design, it can be used in a variety of applications, such as industry, agriculture or electric vehicles. A well-thought-out patented cooling concept helps to avoid accidents/chain reactions.

Want to reduce the energy costs of your business? Save with BSLBATT commercial battery storage, we offer an unbeatable smart battery storage solution!

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