BSLBATT's 48V energy storage batteries are now compatible with Victron Energy's inverters.

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-04-06

In order to better match the green energy systems used by our customers worldwide, BSLATT Lithium has entered into a friendly partnership with Victron Energy. Our 48V energy storage batteries are now compatible with victron's famous Phoenix inverter.


To make our battery products available to customers worldwide without any burden, BSLATT Lithium is always looking for the right partner to optimize the system and installation configuration. The excellent strength of victron energy and the positive results of product compatibility testing facilitate a closer strategic partnership and a win-win situation in the market for both parties worldwide.


energy storage battery inverter

Victron Energy has a strong, unparalleled reputation for technical innovation, reliability and manufacturing quality. Its products are widely recognized as the professional choice for independent power.


This exciting partnership will allow both companies to gain market network development expansion. BSLBATT Lithium is also able to enhance battery control and communication functions. And it can also provide enhanced solutions for our OEM customer base as well as the aftermarket and distribution network we serve.


"Our mission is to make the energy transition from fossil fuels to clean energy and create sustainable modern living. The partnership with victron energy will certainly accelerate this goal," said Tracy Shen, senior sales for BSLBATT Lithium.


The main purpose of the solar inverter is to convert the solar energy generated by the solar panels from DC to AC so that it can be used by both the home grid and the utility grid. As such, this is the first and most critical service it provides.


Victron's solar power Inverter is a highly efficient and reliable inverter. It has been field tested and proven in use several times. The toroidal transformer provides high peak power surge capability, stable voltage, frequency and high quality sine waves. Bluetooth is built in, making it easier than ever to set up a high power inverter.


Including Victron, BSLATT has worked with several leading inverter manufacturers. We are able to provide the best energy storage batteries and inverters for specific situations. The way, where and when we design solutions is based on extensive experience and has the reasons mentioned above.


Through free consultations and custom system design, we understand the various solar system setups and how you intend to use energy production, so our help makes sense for you.


To learn more about Victron Energy and BSLBATT Lithium, please visit or

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