Lynn ٠ Finance


Lynn, graduated from Huizhou University majoring in finance and management, has 5 years of financial work experience. He obtained the accounting qualification certificate in 2014 and the junior accountant title in 2018. Familiar with the accounting work of various types of companies, proficient in operating Kingdee KIS software, UFIDA, ERP and other software, responsible for tax declaration, overall accounting and other financial tasks. The career goal is to be an excellent financial management professional manager. Lynn joined the BSLBATT team in 2019 and is mainly responsible for financial work.

In her view, accounting work is characterized by a large workload, a large amount of content, a wide range of areas, seeking truth from facts, and meticulous. Financial accounting focuses on reflecting the past capital movement, and management accounting focuses on forecasting and planning future capital movements. She learns in work and grows in learning, combining work practice with theoretical study.

Outside of work, Lynn also loves to travel. It is said that good life inspiration emerges from travel. Traveling can make her work and live better. It is the best way to recharge her life and is a kind of mentality adjustment.

One's ideas must be bigger, and things must start small.

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