How does the lithium-ion backup power supply solve the pain points of emergency power vehicles?

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-11-20

BSLBATT ESS lithium ion backup power supply is how to solve the pain points of the emergency power truck?lithium ion backup power supply can be used for emergency power supply in airports, communications, telecommunications, coal mines, oil fields, emergency repair UPS power truck caused by unexpected events can guarantee that the load does not flash off In the case of emergency repair UPS power supply vehicle can ensure that the load does not flash off brief power supply.

The Main Features of The Emergency Power Truck

Large capacity, long working time, capacity of at least 400Ah, power supply time to meet the power station power control system in an emergency power supply needs. At the same time, its continuous working time is not less than 2 hours.

It has the ability to work normally under various usage environments. For bad weather such as thunderstorms and high winds, the operation panel should have wind and rain protection capability. Circuit power supply equipment should be equipped with lightning protection module, with lightning protection characteristics for the output power supply, to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel in thunderstorm weather.

Large space inside the car, can be placed in a variety of practical emergency power supply and emergency maintenance tools and testing instruments.

Energy saving, environmental protection, low noise. The emergency power supply vehicle adopts DC power supply, which can reduce the use of fuel as much as possible, thus avoiding the noise generated by the generator running at high speed and the large amount of exhaust gas generated by fuel combustion.

How does Lithium ion backup power supply solve the pain point of emergency power truck?

BSLBATT ESS Battery vehicle UPS with lithium battery storage system is better than the traditional lead-acid battery solution in terms of service life, cycle times, space saving, weight reduction and environmental friendliness.

BSLBATT ESS has been committed to Lithium ion backup power supply reliability improvement, and pay close attention to the development of energy storage lithium iron phosphate technology, in the UPS compatible lithium battery technology has achieved breakthrough results, but also for the UPS power supply system innovation application opportunities.

>> High Redundancy, Reliability Throughout the Escort

Lithium vehicle UPS with N + X parallel redundancy function, using advanced DSP digital control technology, effectively improving product performance and system reliability, to ensure the continuity of power supply to the site.

>> BMS Lithium Management System

BSLBATT ESS emergency power truck and lithium battery with full communication design, BMS lithium battery management system to quickly detect key parameters, accurate analysis and display of the remaining battery power, service life, to achieve accurate monitoring and management of battery performance and safety, to solve the customer's concerns about the safety of the lithium battery system.

>> Green Energy Saving

Lithium ion backup power supply reliability premise, with ECO operation mode, high energy efficiency, reduce user costs, in line with customer demand to improve energy use efficiency.

>> Rack-mounted, Small Size and Light Weight

BSLBATT (1-3KVA) emergency vehicle power supply adopts standard 19-inch rack structure and is installed in standard cabinets, using Lithium Ion battery for energy storage, with smaller volume and lighter weight, effectively reducing vehicle load and saving vehicle interior space.

In summary, BSLBATT emergency power supply is compatible with Lithium ion backup power supply and adopts intelligent monitoring to improve the reliability and safety of the system, which solves the actual pain points of emergency power truck in terms of space, weight bearing and maintenance.

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