Why does rack-mounted UPS save more space in the computer room than traditional UPS?

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-09-25

Why does rack-mounted UPS save more space in the computer room than traditional UPS? For the computer room, what is needed is continuous power protection. The application of UPS can save the construction area and improve the space utilization rate of the computer room. However, there are many products in the market. Choose a familiar traditional UPS machine or a new generation of rack-mounted models? It has become a big problem for many customers to choose.

What is a rack mounted UPS?

The rack uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is designed for use in standard 19-inch IT racks or rack-based cabinets. Rack-based UPS systems must be designed to provide maximum power in a very compact package containing built-in batteries. Rack UPS is usually suitable for rack space between 1U/44mm and 12U/528mm in height. Rack mounted ups battery backup can provide an uninterrupted power supply for connected equipment in case of sudden power failure, thereby preventing equipment failure and data loss. It is also responsible for the cooling of the hardware components in the rack. Rack UPSs are ideal for workplaces with network and server applications.

Most rack UPS systems use online (double-conversion) or line-interactive power topologies. Each technology has its advantages, and each technology may be necessary to configure cost-effective power protection, especially in complex systems. The choice depends on factors including the importance of the protected equipment, load size, location, and budget considerations.

Rack UPS Power Supply

The rack-mounted UPS power supply adopts a rack-mounted design, which can provide a better power environment for the load, which is reflected in the regulated output range, frequency range, input noise filtering, and zero conversion time between mains mode and battery mode And so on.


Rack-mounted UPS has become the preferred solution for mainstream applications with higher installation flexibility. Higher power density, smaller rack space, and longer battery backup time can meet users' concerns about high availability and unplanned downtime. Increasing demand to improve the utilization rate of the computer room.

Main Features of Rack UPS

       ①Rack-mounted installation structure, which takes up a small space, is especially suitable for computer room environment, and provides more flexible and reliable power protection for key equipment;


  ②True online design, super power input adaptability, output pure sine wave, no pollution;


  ③Using high frequency and IGBT conversion technology to improve the efficiency and reliability of the whole machine, small size and light weight;


  ④The whole series are equipped with lithium batteries, using lithium battery energy storage system;


  ⑤Adopt advanced DSP digital control technology, effectively improve product performance and system reliability, and achieve higher power density integration;


  ⑥Rich LCD display function, easy to get the working status.


       ⑦They also help cool the hardware components in the rack.

       ⑧It immediately powers the connected devices without any lag.

       ⑨It is very suitable for the workplace, because it can ensure uninterrupted telephone connection, continuous Internet connection and the operation of hardware equipment.      


UPS Battery Backup Rack Mount Application

Rack-mounted UPS is suitable for protection: rack-mounted servers, storage equipment, vehicle-mounted systems, rack-mounted network products, bank branches and other miniaturized data centers, storage, network equipment, communication equipment, automation equipment, Office office terminals; precision instruments Equipment and industrial control equipment, etc.

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Disadvantages of Traditional UPS Power Supply in The Computer Room

Compared with rack-mounted UPS, traditional UPS power supply has a larger volume and weight, difficult transportation and installation, and poor reliability. Once a failure occurs, the power supply of the entire computer room will be paralyzed.


The traditional UPS power supply has a narrow input voltage range, poor output voltage stability, and has a switching time. Once the power is cut off, the UPS power supply is not switched in time, and the loss to the computer room is unimaginable.


In general: Rack-mounted UPS power supplies bring a wide range of benefits to the computer room, with lighter weight and significant savings in computer room space, which means that more computer room space can be allocated to servers. Rack potential UPS power supply is efficient, compact, and simple, which simplifies operation and installation, and is suitable for small and medium IT computer rooms, network communications, etc., to bring a value-added power supply guarantee experience.

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