Scalable ESS Battery for All Requirements

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-12-30

BSLBATT Lithium presents scalable, professional ESS Batteries including energy management system for grid and industry as well as solutions for home and small business under the label "B-LEP".

BSLBATT Lithium ESS battery

For private homes, public institutions, commercial enterprises, industrial and infrastructure solutions, as well as for self-sufficient energy supplies, battery storage systems fulfill important functions such as optimizing self-consumption, smoothing peak loads, an island grid supply, or ensuring grid stability. The professional battery storage solution "B-LEP" from BSLBATT Lithium offers great scaling possibilities here thanks to its modular design and comprehensive IT management system. Furthermore, BSLBATT Lithium develops smart solutions for the challenges of the growing electromobility industry.  

The ESS battery products from BSLBATT Lithium's "Home & Small Business" energy division are designed for multi-family homes, businesses, commercial and public facilities. The product portfolio includes 2.5 kWh - 80 kWh enclosed cabinet systems that are plug-and-play systems that are quickly up and running and integrated into building installations. BSLBATT Lithium's Energy Apps are included as standard, allowing self-consumption optimization, peak load capping and, in the future, emergency power to be combined as required.

The ESS solutions from the "Industrial & Infrastructure" segment cover bandwidths between 138 kWh - 2.7 MWh used for tasks such as peak load capping, load management, control energy, emergency power applications and in combination with wind or larger PV systems.

Newly defined battery system packages reduce configuration complexity. This enables easy selection for users without greater expertise. For large-scale applications, BSLBATT Lithium delivers customized turnkey solutions in 20- or 40-foot containers or as a rack-mounted version for existing buildings, ensuring seamless integration at the customer's site, depending on customer requirements.

High-quality ESS Battery from the industrial sector ensure maximum performance as well as low capacity losses over the runtime. Customers at BSLBATT Lithium have the option of a warranty design based on special IT tools for flexibility in operation.

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