Increase Electricity Grid Grid Resilience By Battery Energy Storage System To Cope With Extreme Weather

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-09-08

Hurricane Ida Has a Huge Impact on The Louisiana Power Grid

On August 29, Hurricane Ida made landfall near Port Fuljeong, Louisiana. As of September 7, a total of 97 deaths were confirmed to be related to Ada, including 77 in the United States and 20 in Venezuela. In the United States, there are 27 from New Jersey, 20 from Louisiana, 18 from New York, 5 from Pennsylvania, 2 from Mississippi, 2 from Alabama, 1 from Maryland, 1 from Virginia, 1 from Connecticut. The storm has caused 30 indirect deaths, of which 20 died in the Venezuelan floods caused by Ada's predecessor.

According to Wikipedia data: Hurricane Ida is a deadly and destructive category 4 Atlantic hurricane. It has become the second most destructive and intense hurricane to hit Louisiana in the United States on record, second only to Hurricane Katrina. , And tied with the hurricane's maximum wind speed as the state's strongest landfall on Laura a year ago and the last island hurricane in 1856. The storm also caused catastrophic flooding in the northeastern United States.

Hurricane wind Scale

More than one million homes and businesses in Louisiana and Mississippi (including all areas of New Orleans) had power outages because Ida, one of the most powerful hurricanes ever to hit the continental United States, swept through on Sunday. In addition, CNN reported that more than 25,000 workers from all over the country have mobilized to support the restoration of power in the state, and two power workers died while repairing damage to the power grid caused by the storm.

Some customers affected by Ida may lose power for a similar period or longer, especially in remote areas. When Ida attacked, Jim King, 75, was one of the only people on Grand Island, a small beach community where most houses were built on stilts at least 15 feet high. He said he expects that there will be no electricity supply for several months.

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After Entergy, the largest power company in Louisiana stated that it had resumed service to approximately 225,000 customers, the total number of households and businesses in the state with outages fell to approximately 823,000 on Friday. Entergy estimated on Friday that most communities should restore power before September 8.

After the destruction, utility companies are facing tremendous pressure and scrutiny, and need to quickly repair lines and infrastructure to avoid long-term suffering for residential and commercial customers.

Entergy warned that in the worst-hit areas, it may take days—maybe even weeks—to restore power to more than 1 million homes without electricity across the state.

In addition, New Orleans'dense population and surrounding waters provide a limited number of transmission line corridors. Without sufficient capacity, transmission lines cannot provide all the available electricity generated outside the city. Part of Entergy's solution is to rebuild and redesign parts of the transmission network while establishing actual power generation capacity in the New Orleans area.

Biden called climate change "one of the great challenges of our time."

Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida exposed the unstable energy infrastructure in the U.S. More frequent and more intense extreme weather is partly due to climate change affecting the resilience of the national grid.

Stabilize our grid through battery energy storage

Large-scale power outages will cause the lives and operations of homes and businesses to be interrupted. The severity of extreme weather makes many people wonder, if any, what can be done to prevent future disasters.

Extreme weather cannot be predicted, but BSLBATT and other battery storage companies do have solutions available that can help improve the resilience of the grid. Through energy storage and advanced lithium battery systems, it can cope with power outages and soaring energy costs. As you can see, BSLBATT is working hard to provide a more comprehensive battery energy storage solution. From the initial needs assessment to project planning, to installation and maintenance, the BSLBATT team, as the industry leader of lithium battery manufacturers, can not only maintain normal operation, but also give you peace of mind.

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Customers use our energy storage battery products and services to support peak energy demand and power generation supply gaps. When there is a power outage or power grid interruption, customers using our technology can act as the last line of defense to support critical infrastructure (such as data centers, hospitals, schools), bridging the gap, until power generation and transmission are restored. The BSLBATT ESS Battery microgrid system has corresponding integrated solutions for different customer application scenarios, and can achieve fully automated operation and rapid deployment of on-grid/off-grid, reducing installation and maintenance costs. While reducing power generation costs and increasing profits, it also protects local ecological and environmental resources and continues to provide customers with clean energy.

"Our Microgrid battery energy storage system provides sustainable long life and reliability for many major commercial energy storage facilities around the world," said Bella, product manager of BSLBATT. "Enterprises and homeowners can use energy storage solutions to protect themselves from power outages and unpredictable costs during peak usage hours. These solutions can recoup investment and instill confidence."

And the BSLBATT energy scheduling system is a cloud/local backup energy storage management system developed based on multivariable constraints and deep learning mechanisms. By analyzing the load and capacity requirements, under the condition of keeping the efficiency of the energy storage system controllable, real-time charging and discharging strategies are configured to achieve the optimal system efficiency. The BSLBATT energy scheduling system will manage all the energy storage systems in operation in real time, alarm and intervene in abnormal data, and transmit operating/historical data to authorized accounts in real time.

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The BSLBATT battery energy storage solution also helps stabilize costs. Distributed energy systems can use stored electricity during peak hours when energy costs are high, saving money by avoiding obtaining electricity from utility suppliers and reducing grid pressure.

An example of commercial use of our Microgrid technology is the cooperation with Edson Mororó Moura in Brazil through BSLBATT. BSLBATT provides a 500 kW/500 kWh lithium battery energy storage system. These batteries have a long storage life, simple daily maintenance, no watering and no battery cleaning. These batteries can save the operator's time, minimize emissions and reduce the risk of leakage, so they can be used in sensitive environments such as hotels, schools, and hospitals. These batteries can even perform well after months of inactivity. The BSLBATT storage energy solution suite can provide reliable power to key industries around the world, even in the event of power outages and power failures.

Why BSLBATT ESS Batteries?

As an excellent manufacturer in the global battery energy storage industry, BSLBATT ESS battery has always been committed to continuously improving the level of existing energy storage technology, with the mission of "becoming a pioneer in the distributed energy storage industry and establishing a more flexible and clean energy utilization environment". Renewable energy power generation, large-scale industrial and commercial, micro-grid, communications, residential and other fields provide customers with competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services, continue to create value for customers, and release the potential of the power system.

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