What are The Considerations for Using 48V 50Ah Telecom Battery Backup Systems?

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-11-20

48V 50Ah can be understood as 48V output, capacity of 50Ah lithium battery. Lithium iron phosphate telecom battery backup systems have obvious advantages over lead-acid batteries in terms of cycle life, safety performance, price and so on. So, what are the things to pay attention to when using telecom battery backup systems for the first time?

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What are the precautions for using 48V 50Ah telecom battery backup systems?

The rapid development of 5G has led to the expansion of the network scale, lithium iron phosphate battery pack with its excellent characteristics (high energy density, strong safety, high temperature performance, high power output, long cycle life, environmental protection), has gradually come into the people's view. Its products are mainly in the form of 12V, 48V lithium battery module, capacity level mostly concentrated in 10AH ~ 150AH.

1. first installation of 48V 50Ah telecom battery backup systems to check the integrity of the battery accessories before.

2. 48V 50Ah telecom battery backup systems should always be used in accordance with the manual, and it is recommended to replenish the electricity before use.

3. it is strictly forbidden to heat the telecom battery backup systems, use them close to the source of supply or set them aside.

4. it is strictly forbidden to place the telecom battery backup systems in a liquid environment and avoid rain.

5. strictly prohibited from private disassembly of the battery, no battery technicians present, do not disassemble the chassis screws and upper cover.

6. Do not reverse the positive and negative terminals of the telecom battery backup systems.

7. do not allow the parallel use of different nominal capacity, different types of telecom battery backup systems.

Specifically, lithium iron phosphate batteries for communications have the following characteristics

● High energy density.

● Strong safety.

● Excellent high and low temperature performance.

● High efficiency output.

● Long cycle life.

● Environmental protection and energy saving.

Summary: The above is 48V 50Ah telecom battery backup systems use precautions, telecom battery backup systems use process, please follow the design parameters and use manual, do not exceed the value of the power supply parameters, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the power supply system.

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