Turnkey Solutions: BSLBATT's Innovative Commercial Battery Storage

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2022-02-18

BSLBATT ESS-Grid B30 is designed for community microgrid and min Commercial& Industrial application.The commercial battery storage solution is an organic combination of the renewables and Battery energy storage system(BESS), which unlocks lower-cost energy supply while increasing the use of renewables in rural districts, remote areas and islands. The ESS-Grid solution offers reliable microgrid and battery energy storage tailored to suit the ecological sensitivities of remote site economies.

The solution helps the people harness locally available resources to generate power and gives them the ability to manage and control these distributed energy resources.

Commercial Battery Storage BSLBATT

ESS-Grid performance starts at 30 kW and has a capacity of 138 kWh. The ESS-Grid B30 is very flexible and can be expanded in almost unlimited power increments of 30 kW and capacity increments of 138 kWh. The entire system is equipped with the BESS energy management system as standard. It visualizes and controls various producers and consumers independent of the manufacturer. At the heart of the software are machine learning algorithms which together with the ESS-Grid B30 enable monthly peak load reduction or peak load reduction combined with self-consumption optimization.

The ESS-Grid series is a complete solution for commercial battery storage systems. It consists of several 48V Li-ion battery packs (based on LiFePo4), a converter, an energy management system and an air-conditioned housing. One of the highlights of the storage is its backup function, which is already offered as standard in the BSLBATT commercial battery storage system and can be upgraded (standard memory features include peaking and time-of-use.) The ESS-Grid series has an IP54 enclosure, so the system is also suitable for outdoor use.

The ESS-Grid series has very many advantages, let's take the B30 as an example, the advantages are:

 ●  Flexible capacity expansion up to 2.5 MWh

 ●  Optional power backup operation

 ●  Innovative energy management system for intuitive control and implementation of grid system services

 ●  Dynamic peak load capping (monthly) through machine learning, combination of dynamic peak load capping and self-consumption optimization

 ●  Realistic simulation of energy storage and PV systems through installation of control hardware

 ●  Complete service package set up by the manufacturer as well as monitoring and services connected via the cloud

 ●  Long service life thanks to innovative LiFePo4 cell technology

 ●  10-year performance guarantee

Commercial Battery B30 Specification

The Sophisticated All-in-one Solution

The30kW PCS cabinet contains a Hybird 30kW PCS with 250V~520V DC voltage; The 138kWh battery string are converted to 400V AC through the 30kW Hybird PCS, AC power will be transferred to 400V AC by the isolated transformer to support the load.

The battery string is charged from corresponding PV string 30kW DC/DC during day time operation. Power suppIy wiII be switch to DG by the ATS and STS seamIessly transferred to PCS ,when BESS and PV are short of suppIy;

Rising electricity prices can become a major cost factor for a company. This can be controlled and reduced with commercial battery storage system by optimizing self-consumption. This is where the ESS-Grid comes in: It temporarily stores the energy generated by the company's own photovoltaic system and calls it up during peak demand periods. This also increases the companies' self-sufficiency, making them greener in the long run. The storage unit is integrated into the main or sub-distribution on the AC side and measures the feed-in at the grid connection point.

The Fields of Application of the ESS-Grid Commercial Battery

Agricultural batetry backup

Commercial battery storage systems also have areas of application in agriculture. The uninterrupted operation of milking robots or ventilation systems in agriculture is essential for the animals. ESS Grid can take over the emergency power supply. It is automatically activated when the power supply from the grid is interrupted.

ESS-Grid for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

ESS-Grid has strong applications in other areas as well - for example in electric vehicle charging stations. As electric vehicles boom and are seen as the future of mobility, more and more companies, hotels and shopping centers are looking to provide their own electric vehicle charging stations for their customers and employees. This new charging infrastructure will suck up more energy and require larger grid connections with expensive conversions to satisfy this thirst for energy. ESS-Grid provides a remedy here and integrates additional generators such as wind and photovoltaic power. ESS-Grid temporarily stores the generated energy and makes it available when the charging cable is plugged in.

The ESS-Gird heralds the next generation of commercial storage for us. The manufacturer is thus optimally preparing for the future, because many functions, such as peak load capping, can only be represented cleanly dynamically. The BESS Controller says it all, because it performs its services intuitively, is easy to install and convenient to control. We see the easy scalability of the system as a trump card that can be played out especially in large industrial operations. We are convinced by the memory. Anyone who is still in doubt can have an commercial battery storage system installed in their own company at a reasonable price. 

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