What is Lithium ion Battery Storage Requirements?

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2022-01-14

What kind of requirements does the current energy storage system have for lithium-ion battery storage? Li-ion batteries have been deployed in a wide range of energy-storage applications, ranging from energy-type batteries of a few kilowatt-hours in residential systems with rooftop photovoltaic arrays to multi-megawatt containerized batteries for the provision of grid ancillary services. As an energy storage power plant that cooperates with photovoltaic power generation access to achieve peak shaving and valley filling, load compensation and improve power quality application, lithium battery for energy storage is a very important component. Why many lithium battery manufacturers are now crazy about energy storage batteries, triggering the rising trend of raw materials, will there be room for development of lithium batteries for energy storage in 2022?

What are the requirements of energy storage system for lithium-ion battery storage?

Under the global goal of reducing carbon emissions, developing clean energy and accelerating energy transformation, the construction of energy storage system will be the next concentrated explosion of the industry as a key step in energy transformation. For the time being, lithium-ion battery energy storage is the main energy storage technology in the market. In view of the demand for lithium-ion batteries for energy storage under the dual carbon strategy, BSLATT ESS Battery summarizes that lithium-ion energy storage batteries need to meet the following six requirements.

lithium-ion battery energy storage

One, only long life, long cycle, in order to reduce the primary investment cost of lithium-ion energy storage batteries in the future use.

Second, the requirement for safety / chemical performance stability, large scale battery energy storage systems relate to thousands of households, something is endangering the safety of the power grid. In the limit, even if the failure is under control, should not occur in the explosion, combustion and other failures that endanger the safe operation of power plants, so lithium iron phosphate battery-based lithium-ion energy storage battery is currently the best choice;.

Third, for industrial and commercial energy storage cabinets/CTC, the core integrated container is a major direction for subsequent industrial and commercial energy storage, and the square aluminum-cased lithium iron phosphate will be the main force.

Fourth, to eliminate second-hand batteries, lithium battery system security is still the starting point, once a safety accident, the loss is not just money so simple.

Fifth, lithium-ion energy storage batteries need to have a high charge and discharge conversion efficiency, easy to install and maintain, with better environmental adaptability, a wider operating temperature range.

Sixth, lithium-ion energy storage batteries should have a good rapid response and large multiplier charge and discharge capacity, generally requiring 5-10 times the charge and discharge capacity.

Compared with other batteries, in terms of energy storage batteries, lithium batteries have a series of advantages such as high storage energy density (6-7 times that of lead-acid batteries), long service life, high rated voltage, high and low temperature adaptability, green and environmental protection. Most importantly, the self-discharge rate is very low, which is one of the most outstanding advantages of lithium batteries. For the explosive growth in demand for lithium batteries, the market competition in the lithium battery industry will become more and more intense, and the storage lithium industry ushered in a golden period of development!

In 2022, quality can be said to be the key to the survival of a product a company, energy storage lithium battery manufacturers to quality is the world, the future of energy storage lithium battery technology will be widely used in a new generation of power systems will be realized, to promote the transformation of China's energy structure, consumption-side energy revolution, energy security, energy saving and emission reduction goals is of great significance.

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