Where and How Should I Put the Lithium ion UPS Battery?

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2022-01-14

How many ways are there to place Lithium ion batteries in the space they occupy?

As technology advances and circuit structures are constantly being updated and improved, UPS systems are available in a wide variety of circuit configurations, and various types of UPS UPS have emerged one after another. The following BSLBATT ESS Battery introduces several major placement methods for Lithium ion UPS batteries.

The UPS system contains a battery pack that "kicks in" when the equipment detects a mains power failure, providing uninterrupted power to some of the equipment that requires high power stability. Tower, rack and modular.

Tower Lithium ion UPS battery

Tower Lithium ion UPS systems like an ordinary computer, is standing, the height is generally 10U (U is the height unit of the server, about equal to 4.5cm), this UPS power supply occupies little space, can be placed at will, no special cabinet, almost all home UPS uninterruptible power supply is tower type.

Tower UPS is characterized by the ability to achieve online double conversion, separate placement, floor mounting, and space requirements. In most cases, rackmount UPS can also do tower installation, but tower UPS may not necessarily do rackmount installation, because the tower UPS may not have a way to install the rail.

Rack mounted Lithium ion UPS battery

Rack mounted Lithium ion UPS battery is basically the opposite of the tower type, it is horizontal, the size will be wider, and is usually placed directly in the corresponding cabinet. This cabinet usually contains servers, etc., plus a UPS battery backup, making it a large and operational cabinet.

Rack mounted Lithium Ion UPS batteries are either 1U or 2U in height, with 2U being about 9cm high and must be placed in a server cabinet. The modern server room is basically a rack-mounted server.

Rack mounted Lithium ion UPS system is characterized by small size, large capacity, high efficiency and small footprint, and is widely used in communication, electric power, public security, fire fighting, broadcasting, finance, military, internet and other industries.

Modular Lithium ion UPS battery

As for modular UPS systems, it can be understood as a rack-type Lithium ion UPS battery, like building blocks, one piece, set points into a surface, put together, and then installed in the corresponding location. The advantages of the Modular lithium ion UPS battery are as follows.

Investment effectiveness: expand capacity as needed, saving initial investment;

Module N+X redundancy: In modular UPS systems, users only need to purchase the corresponding power modules to achieve "N+X" redundancy to avoid major power failures;

Easy maintenance: online hot-swappable, easy and fast maintenance, no need to switch to bypass;

Energy saving and environmental protection: low pollution to the power grid, high efficiency and module dormancy technology to reduce energy waste.

Energy saving: the country advocates environmental protection and energy saving today, green energy-saving modular lithium ion UPS battery is much attention, input power factor of 0.999 or more.

The above is the BSLBATT summary of the three lithium ion UPS batteries in the space occupied by the placement of the various structures of the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) also to a certain extent reflects the different performance of the UPS system and different applications, the above content hopes to help you choose the right lithium ion UPS battery products.

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